sweater weather

sweater weather

When the leafs start to fall it becomes sweater weather. The perfect season for layering up & print mixes

The sun in shining and yet it’s cold, typical fall weather. It’s my favourite season when it comes to fashion. Layering up, different fabrics and structures. Warm tones, mixed prints and of course the accessories like hats and scarfs.

sweater weather sweater weathersweater weather

Fall at its best with this kind of weather the cities are also at their prettiest. I went to Dordrecht, the town I lived in for about seven years. This city is so beautiful and every street and alley you see is even prettier then the next. Of course I just had to stop and make photos. This is close to my previous house, down town at a little harbour.

“veni vidi amavi – we came. we saw. we loved”

You’ve seen these trousers before in my previous blog, which I’ve linked down below. For me it’s something new, a slightly wider pair of pants in stead of my skinnies. It’s not a big difference, but it just feels different I guess. During fall I always transform into a huge nerd, so these pants are perfect for my current wardrobe. Obviously I just had to combine it in a casual way with this pom pom sweater.

sweater weather sweater weather sweater weather

Where did those bangs come from? Before I’ve shown you a (Dutch) vlog where I changed my hair in just minutes, check out  the video here. This blouse I’ve worn a lot already and you might have spotted it on instagram already. It’s made of viscose which I love to wear, it’s light and comfortabel. I’m wearing a EU 48 as I wanted it to be a bit wider, so it fits over those hips.

The trousers are grey and has a check pattern with a deep red stripe in it. I’ve had them made shorter as I like this length better since I also like to wear it with sneakers. The sweater is from Zara and is a true shop your shape moment as this is a size M, lol! I’m a real hat addict and I love the current trend, or not because now everybody wears my hat too.



coat c/o Dorothy Perkins
blouse c/o miss etam
sweater Zara
trousers c/o Bonprix [shop here]
baret c/o Bonprix [shop here]
boots Primark


Bangs without cutting my hair? This is how I did it in just minutes (Dutch):

bye bye bad hair day [inclusief tutorial]

This is how I styled these trousers before, in a casual way

break the rules



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    What a beautiful red coat you are wearing!

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