break the rules

break the rules

Forget all those fashion rules this season and just break the rules!

We’ve all heard it so many times that we automatically follow some standards. Always wear something over the hips, make sure it’s not too tight. It has to be flattering, and so on and so on. What if you just forget about all of that and just wear what makes you happy, break all the rules! Wear whatever you like, that what makes you comfortable in your own skin. When you wear what you love, you will look gorgeous. Stop following the fashion rules, because rules are to break anyway.

break the rules  break the rules  break the rules 

Last Saturday I was in Dordrecht, a Dutch town in the south. I’ve lived here for about 7 years, downtown. It’s a beautiful city and the weather turned out perfect, as they predicted rain. What I mostly remember is how badly I wanted to leave but when I’m back I always enjoy it. Suddenly I realised while walking around how I have changed, but also some parts which didn’t changed.

“forget the rules, if you like it, wear it!” – Josine Wille

After all it was in Dordrecht where I was at home in between jobs and decided to start up a website. I’ve never really cared much about fashion rules but there wasn’t so much to choose from back then. Luckily things have changed, I have changed and the results are that I know own a fashion blog for a while already. Once I started to inspire and motivate other women, still I hope I can achieve this even if the change is only little.

Flattering is something I prefer, I tell you honestly but if it doesn’t work it’s okay as well. Not all items are over my hips, it will make them look even wider. Some trends I follow and some I don’t. Not because of my shape but because of my taste. Like with this outfit, I’ve mixed a check with a flower print. I absolutely love it and the preppy-ness goes away a little because of the combination with sneakers. The shape of the trousers are something new for me as I normally wear skinny fits, dare to wear!

break the rules  break the rules  break the rules 

I’ve combined prints, to make it a little more different. The flower printed cardigan is a size EU 46 which is a UK 18. It supposed to be a wide fit, but I think it’s a regular fit. The print is what caught my eye and originally I wanted to pair it with a skirt. These trousers are a new shape for me. I’ve had them shortened by the way, it’s a size EU 48 which is a UK 20. By combining it with sneakers, mesh socks and a velvet purse I go from dull to hello 2017!

sweater c/o navabi
blouse H&M
trousers c/o Bonprix
socks & purse Primark
sneakers Nike AF1

welcome to theBiggerBlog; a plussize fashion blog with a love for beauty. A desire to travel (a lot) and recently added the diaries of a plussize mom

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