This is how you easily upgrade your make up for a party look

The holidays are coming. Whatever beautiful outfit you have in mind, it’s not finished without a beautiful make up. In today’s tutorial I’m showing you how to easily upgrade your make up to a festive party look. Including slitting, false lashes and rhinestones. Watch the video by clicking play above, or check out my YouTube channel, you can find the link below.


To create this look, I first applied the right base make up. You can check out my steps in the precious tutorial over here: De perfecte basis When you’ve done the right base make up, it’s easier to apply the rest of the make up on the eyes. This way you can create the full look. The eye make up of the eye make up look is also online, including how to apply these glitter by using a concealer. Check it out how I made this party make up. With this tutorial we take it one step further, part III of the look: adding false lashes and rhinestones. Do you like this look on me?


Of course this is not a daily look, but if you feel like it, just do it! I wear such make up during festive days, like the holidays. This look I wore on Christmas day. In stead of the natural base on my eye lid I used a dark green which gave a beautiful effect with the glitter on top. I used the black stones again, but on my sister, who had a more neutral make up I used the silver stones. Also I placed them on the outside of the eyes. You can play with the position, depending on your look. For example in the outside, at the lower lashes, or on the inner corners for a cute look.

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