Dye your eyebrows

Dye your eyebrows

dyeing in your own eyebrows isn’t that difficult and gives a natural look

When it comes to make up and I could only pick one thing, it would be brow make up. To me the eyebrows is what makes a face, it comes to life and can even enhance it. A couple of times I wrote about brow make up but the best base for any is to dye your eyebrows for a natural look.

dyeing them

To make my brows look fuller and to look more natural I like to dye my brows evert 6-8 weeks. The sun can lighten the brows and make them look less visible, so when dyeing them makes them come to life again. Also I get to use less make up so all together it will look more naturally. If you haven’t tried it before I recommend to go to a beauty parlor and have them do it for the first time. This way you can check the results and know how it will look like.

Wenkbrauwen verven


You could buy a dye kit in the drugstore but I bought mine at a make up specialist. I chose this brown/taupe color for my brows, as I think a brown color will look too red and black will be too harsh in my face. Here I am using number 3 from RefectoCil, and added is a developer liquid which I mix together. Besides these products I also use cotton swabs and cotton pads, as well as a little plate or bowl to mix it in. Make sure to wash up your hands and work in a clean way.

Wenkbrauwen verven


I’m a natural brunette so my brows don’t get that lightened up though I still dye them. It does make a difference and it makes my make up look a lot more natural. When you dye the brows you see more details, the hairs really show and you can shape your brows more easily when plucking them. Add about half an inch of the dye stuff and add a few tops of the developer, blend it into a solid paste with a cotton swab.

Wenkbrauwen verven

applying it

Clean your face and brows carefully and make sure there’s no make up or cream left on your brow area. Comb them and apply the paste carefully with a cotton swab. Go back and forth so that all parts of the eyebrows are covered with dye stuff. Follow the exact shape of your own eyebrow and immediately remove all extra dye around the brow area. It’s like dyeing your hair, any stains or spots will be different to remove!

wenkbrauwen verven


Make sure the dye does its job, leave it on for about 3-5 minutes. You will noted it will get darker and darker, so this means it’s working. Use a cotton pad with luke warm water to remove all the dye. Make sure all is clean because it can still stain a lot. Can you see the difference, it’s already darker. I have repeated the same steps once more for an even darker effect. Below you can see the results. Take your time and also shape your brows by plucking them.

wenkbrauwen verven

After dyeing my eyebrows they immediately look much fuller and bigger. When I apply my dipbrow I don’t need to use as much as I needed before and the look is more naturel. It’s also perfect when you plan a holiday trip and you don’t want to wear much make up while sunbathing or swimming. If you’re a real expert you could also use it on the lashes though I never do this myself.

do you dye your brows and how does it look? 

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