eyebrow routine

eyebrow routine

Let me show you my eyebrow routine

Lately I’ve received so many compliments on my eyebrows, thank you so much! Some of you also requested me to do a make up tutorial so I decided to make a vlog of my eyebrow routine. Click the photo above to see the full video. It’s in Dutch, let me know if you need translations!


For the last decade I’ve used a pencil to draw my eyebrows and a little comb. I never thought I would ever switch. The alternatives were greasy products which are shiny and don’t suit my light oily skin. Until I saw some photos of the dip brow and I couldn’t resist to give it a try. At Christmas of last year I bought this product and haven’t regretted it since! I really love it and would also recommend it.


Always make sure to work with clean brushes, products and hands. I can’t stress this out enough. So before I start I clean my face thoroughly with a face cleanser and wash my hands as well. I clean my brushes so I’m ready to start. You can also use a brush cleaner spray daily for a quick clean up.

eyebrow routine


Of course you can see all in detail in the vlog but I will also explain what I’m doing. First I comb my eyebrows so I know which shape to follow. I create an outline on the eyebrows and slowly fill them out. Check the position of the eyebrow, if it starts and ends at the right point. Keep comparing left and right and adjust if necessary. I start filling out the rest of the eyebrow, going from dark to light. Use little strokes for a more natural effect. Comb again to take out excessive make up.


If it didn’t come out perfectly straight, don’t worry there is a chance to improve. Don’t underestimate the power of concealer and highlighter. With the small brush I apply lightly some concealer to improve the shape of the eyebrow. Make it nice and sharp, correct where it went wrong Apply some highlighter underneath the eyebrow for an uplifting effect, apply some on the inner corners of the eyes for a healthier look.

the eyebrows are done, let’s proceed with the rest! 

dip brow Anastasia (click here)
brush Leco (click here)
eyebrow mascara Essence
highlighter Essence
fine highlighter brush Sephora

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