budget contour kit

budget contour kit

Start contouring the easy way with a budget contour kit

Did I convince you last week with my contouring tutorial? Missed it? Check out the blog here, or the ste by step tutorial vlog here. I can’t go without anymore, I love it how it shapes my face and emphasizes the bone structure. It’s not hard to do so. In my video of last week I showed you my favorite products but when I was shopping at the budget store Action I noticed this pallete. For the first time a set of colors which actually look right for my skin type. I bought it and tried it out. The brushes below are my own. First I applied my creams, skin tone powder and eye make up and then I got started.

budget contour kit budget contour kit budget contour kit

The most budget palettes I have found a more focussed on bronzing and shimmer, also they often have only two colors. I was pleasantly surprised to find this one. Though I prefer to use a more prume color blusher in stead of a bronzer, I tried it out anyway since I am not that pale anymore after these first beams of sunshine and I wanted to show you the effect after using this kit. The contouring color is perfect for my skin. If you are new at this, it’s a great way to get started because it’s not that heavy. What I love about this kit is that it includes a shape tone, which is basically a very light skin color which emphasizes extra next to the contour and bronzer. The highlight was good too, it has a shimmer in it but not lots of sparkles, just the way I want it. Please check out the photo below of before applying and after. I found it difficult to photograph, especially the shimmer. All together I am really happy with this palette.

budget contour kit
budget contour kit



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