In this vlog I teach you all about contouring

For years I like to experiment with make up and so now and then I get to be a make up artist. Well, it’s one of those passions that went overboard. When I found out more about contouring I knew I wanted to do this but I didn’t want to use all those greasy products. A technique which slims down your face and makes you look younger is always a good idea! In a way we were already doing this by using a blusher but this way, by using several colors to achieve the contouring is even better!


In today’s blog I am also showing you a blog on how I apply my contouring make up and which are my favorite products. I am sorry to tell you it’s in Dutch but you can always hit the translation buttons. So, will you be trying this out too or are you already contouring your way each morning?You might know these kind of techniques as seen on the Kardashians, so contouring is hot! Now I’m not the first person so follow just any trend but this beauty trends really was a positive thing. It’s taking your current make up techniques up the the next level and it’s not even that difficult. I really don’t want to go without anymore.


The contouring which I’m showing in my video is an ‘everyday look’. Personally I don’t like the heavy layers but go ahead if you like it. You have to feel good about it! When I apply this make up I like to use powders. I don’t like foundation or the contouring sticks, these are too greasy for my already shiny face. By working with thin layers you can still see your natural skin shine through which I really like. The goal is to make you look slimmer and accentuate the bone structure which will also result into looking younger. A great base for every day make up.

do you on contour (daily)?

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