plussize shopping in London | a complete overview

plussize shopping in London | a complete overview

London is one of the Fashion capitols of Europe. With the great diversity in shops, there are plenty plussize shops available. Read the full list of plussize shopping addresses in London

A city I wanted to visit for so long and finally one of my traveling dreams came true. A few days for shopping in London, so much fun! It’s a huge city, has a complex but good public transport underground and lots of shops. Let me repeat, lots of shops! Also plussize shopping in London is not a problem. I’ve tried to visit them all, which was not even possible in those few days. But here’s a full list of all the plussize shops in London.

Curvy shopping London

Some great advise: do what I did and leave your man at home! No matter how sweet he is or loves to shop, this is a girls thing! Go with friends, no matter their size because most shops mentioned are for all sizes, regular as well as plus sizes.

where to shop plussize proof in London?

London is a lovely city, it’s beautiful and every corner is inspiring and alive. Going for a weekend is actually too short, but it’s okay for a first impressions. I went there purely to go shopping but I love to go back to do proper sight seeing. Just taking the tube and cab fares was already a fun way to discover and see a bit of the city.

next sizes EU 32-56

Next is s British retailer and has many stores around the city. It sells women’s clothing, but also men’s, kids and interior. So it depends which store you visit, what type of items they sell. Check out the store locator to find out where the Next plussize collection is being sold. Easiest is to go to their shop in Oxford street. The regular collection goes up to a size UK 22, which is EU 50. Next to women’s wear they also sell mens and kids.

tip: the maternity collection also goes up to size EU 56

check the store locator here

forever 21 sizes 32-54

Forever 21 has always been one of my favorite shops. However they hav changed their collections and also the sizing is sometimes off. The plussize department goes in sizes X up to X3, which is about a EU size 52 or UK 22.

Besides plus size women’s fashion they also have wide fit shoes and boots. Which are not high quality but fun shoes to have, and finally fit properly. They also sell straight sizes, as well as kids wear for teens and men. Unfortunately the shop in Oxford street doesn’t sell the plus collection, however you can go to Westfield Stratford City, easy acces from the tube.

Please note, many stories of Forever 21 have been closed, please check before you go.

Curvy shopping London

simply be sizes 42-58

The British retailer Simply Be had shops around the UK but unfortunately they are closed now, all of them. You can order online though, and if you have time enough let it be delivered to your address. Make sure to check with the hotel or house before ordering. Returning is very easy, you can find post offices in every block. They sell plussize fashion in sizes 42 up to 58, which is UK 16 up to 28.

Marks & Spencer [M&S] sizes 32-56

One of the most famous retailers of the UK is Marks & Spencer, or also known as M&S. You can find these stores everywhere. Don’t be confused as they also have supermarkets. Depending on which shop you’re at, they sell different collections. The regular women’s collection goes up to size UK 22, which is EU 50. There is also a curve collection which goes us to UK 28, which is EU 60.

Check the store locator to see which collections are being sold where in London.

New look [Inspire] sizes 32-60

The plussize division of New Look is called Inspire. It’s a separate department and also has lots of wide fit shoes and boots. The collections can vary, in general they have lots of basics but also some fashion items. It’s worth a visit. The shop in Oxford street has the regular collection as well as the plus size division called Inspire. However you can find a bigger shop -with more shoes- in the Stradford shopping mall too.

duo boots wide fit shoes & boots

Duo Boots, for a while they went by the name Ted & Muffy, had their own stores around the UK. At the moment they only have a store in Bath. Which is -as I have learned, unfortunately not experienced- highly recommended. You can try on every size, they can measure up your legs and feet. This way you can order the perfect size for wide fit calves. But they also have other sizes, very narrow calve sizes, narrow feet, wide feet, everything.

other shops you will find there too – with a large collection and perhaps even slightly different size range compared to home:

  • primark sizes 32-50 / UK 6-22
  • hennes & maurits 32-56 / UK 6-28
  • river island 32-50 / UK 6-22
  • debenhams 32-56 / UK 6-28
  • evans sizes 42-60 / UK 14-32 – store locator
  • yours clothing sizes 42-60 / UK 14-32 – store finder

shopaholic! Now I have just mentioned all the plus size shops, or shops with size diversity. Of course there is lots more to shop! Think about shoe shops or accessories, but also other boutiques. If you have other shops, please send me a message and I will add it to the list.

Curvy shopping London

My route? First go to Westfield Stratford City by tube. Depending where you are this can take quit a while but it’s worth it. They’re open on Sundays as well. This great for any kind of shopping and you can find the plus size departments of Forever21, New Look, Next, M&S and H&M. Besides these they have loads of other shops to look around. Take the next day for Oxford street and other directions.

if you are an online shopper then do your homework! The prices in pounds are more expensive compared to our euro.. So perhaps after shopping you might want to order it online as it’s quit a big difference¬†

plussize shops london
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