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OUTFITS 9 February 2018 1 Comments

Pink, it’s is my new obsession! First it was red, then it went green and now I’ve added pink to my color collection in my wardrobe It was love at first sight when I spotted these pink boots. A new color was added to my aardrobe. I already wore soft tone pinks but now hot pink was added as well.…

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perfect robe

OUTFITS 9 January 2018 1 Comments

Finding the perfect bathrobe can be a challenge when wearing plussize. After years of walking around in a cardigan I found the perfect one! I’ve given up finding a bathrobe a long time ago. In the past I loved wearing a robe on Sunday morning, having breakfast and having an easy start of the day. Nowadays I just put on…

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leaving 2017 in style

OUTFITS 28 December 2017 2 Comments

Soon it’s New Year’s Eve, another year is over. Bye bye, leaving 2017 in style It’s hard to believe that another year is over, it went by so fast. I started 2017 with a burst of energy and for the first time ever, I talked about how I was doing. Not so well, I stopped working, started getting therapy and was…

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girl talk: strapless bra

fashion & trends 7 August 2017 1 Comments

In this girl talk I want to talk about finding the right strapless bra How I love to wear those strapless dresses and tops! Earlier this year my strapless bra broke which I’ve had for so many years that I couldn’t remember where I bought it. I started the adventure of finding a new one, which was quite a journey.…

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festival vibes

OUTFITS 13 June 2017 0 Comments

This look gives me festival vibes, looking forward to dancing in the sun with a drink in my hand. Let’s go! The festival season has started and the weather has been great over here in Holland. Dancing in the open air, drinks in the sun and lots of fun is what a festival means to me. I was longing for…

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OUTFITS 7 March 2017 0 Comments

On trend, the joggers but how do I feel about these easy pants? Well, I’m always willing to try something new so I ordered these joggers online, together with about 100 jumpers. There was a special offer and I was feeling chilled but about 99 jumpers went back in the box. These joggers though, they were way too comfy to ditch.…

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flower bomber

OUTFITS 21 February 2017 2 Comments

Longing for spring in this flower bomber Although we still have about a month to go, I am ready for spring to come. I know, March can give us snow even, still I’m so exited to see all the spring collections coming in the shops. One of the trends we see everywhere are cute minimal prints, just like this flower…

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