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how I got my groove back

OUTFITS 15 March 2018 4 Comments

Just for a few seconds there I felt like the old me. Fashion can do this with me, the feeling like I got my groove back and it felt awesome! While I was dressing I noticed something changing in me. I was happy, in a positive vibe and walked over to the mirror. It was hard to describe but it…

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pretty different

OUTFITS 26 February 2018 0 Comments

Why go for basics when you can also just be yourself? Pretty different! In the new year I decided to change my outfits even more often and not always go for the same. When I am at home -which is a lot lately- I tend to wear the same, because it’s easy and convenient. But to be honest, that’s not…

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lace bomber

OUTFITS 11 August 2016 0 Comments

denim, off white and blue tones for summer Well I could be spending my summer days on the beach but the weather is just not that good in Holland. The good part is that the shops have plenty of sale going on and the new collections are coming in too. A great moment to go treasure hunting, and so I…

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singing in the rain

OUTFITS 6 April 2016 0 Comments

Planned a sunny day in spring, in stead I’m singing in the rain in my polkadot raincoat I had it all planned out, my perfect polka dot coat combined with my new yellow handbad amongst the most beautiful flowers, daffodils. What was I thinking? I live in Holland, where it often rains. After rain comes sunshine, and it did. A…

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dash of red

OUTFITS 15 November 2015 0 Comments

An all black outfit with a dash of red for that extra fierce appearance. Ready for this? Red is a powerful color and I noticed that I actually never wear red. Only on the lips or nails but hardly as an outfit. Why? Well it’s a fierce color, it’s there and it’s not to be ignored. When wearing an all…

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the streets of New Delhi

OUTFITS 2 November 2015 2 Comments

Where the trucks are colorful decorated, the sun always shines and the poor and rich live together. A new post on location, the streets of New Delhi, India. Last week I was in India for a business trip and I had the chance to shoot my outfit photos in a totally different setting, New Delhi. Though I have been to India many times…

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shop your shape

OUTFITS 6 October 2015 0 Comments

It’s important to shop your shape, not your size. Or I would never have tried on this lovely dress. Get rid of your standard shop routines. Trust me, I can relate. Always going to the same shops. It’s easy, you know they have your size and often less frustrating. However we do walk by the regular size shops, we see…

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fall forest

OUTFITS 18 September 2015 0 Comments

Changing seasons can be very charming. A fall forest with a million shades of green, brown and yellow once the leaves are falling. Another great part about the changing seasons is the fact that we can change our outfits as well. A new season, new fashion, new colors and trends. In today’s outfit I am wearing a trenchcoat in army…

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