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dress(ed) in white

OUTFITS 4 April 2018 3 Comments

That fashion makes my heart beat faster is nothing new. Though lately I couldn’t really focus on fashion. To me it’s partially expressing your feelings but also showing who you are. The current trends are so intense and short that often I just skip them. There is something about it that doesn’t appeal to me. When everybody has is it,…

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pied-de-poule & pink

OUTFITS 6 March 2018 0 Comments

A mix of style, print and color. The details are in the pied-the-poule check & pink highlights It was such a day when you would look outside you felt like going out into the world. The sun was out and it even looked like spring was on its way. Until I took one step outside in these pink boots and…

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tropical summer outfit

OUTFITS 7 July 2015 0 Comments

A tropical summer outfit on the beach in the South of France. Dipping my feet in the sand at sunset while waiting for our table During our holidays in the south of France we went for dinner at the beach. The sun was setting and the temperature was finally getting more comfortable. Just before we were seated at our table…

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