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my style; preppy chic style

OUTFITS 6 October 2018 1 Comments

If I could only pick one style for myself, it would be this preppy chic style A different style each day is more like me, I love to vary in my outfits. Wearing the same style each day is boring, right? The other day someone asked me what my style is? Surprised by my own lack of reply I told…

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my style is finally a trend, Chanel for beginners

OUTFITS 27 September 2018 0 Comments
1dress Sara Lindholm via Happy Size
2blazer Sara Lindholm via Happy Size
3belt Primark

Finally, my favorite style is one of the trends of this season! I like to call is Chanel for beginners; classic, preppy and stylish You might not believe when when I tell you that if I could chose, I’d be a true Chanel girl. Well, most of the time as I do tend to vary a lot in my style.…

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shop your shape, even when pregnant

OUTFITS 17 September 2018 0 Comments

The motto shop your shape, not your size is how I roll. That little size number in the back of your neck doesn’t really anything. The same applies during my pregnancy, creative shopping it is! Whoever says that maternity wear is always boring doesn’t shop the right way. I must admit, it does take a creative eye and thinking outside the…

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