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drinks at the pool

OUTFITS 27 July 2017 3 Comments

When on holiday, let’s do drinks at the pool. In the south of France, enjoying the sun in style Love a little bit of luxury, that’s why we’re on holiday right? I love lying around the pool all day, relaxing and sipping my diet coke. Okay, cocktails sounds a lot better but I don’t drink them. When I’m going for…

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New Year. Same You.

TRENDS 6 January 2017 0 Comments

The new swimwear collection of GabiFresh X SwimSuits For All is out and I’m not sure what I love most Not which item I love most, but what I love most. The collection, or the fabulous message they want to come across. Watch the video above, click play above here in the image and you will see what I mean. “You…

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sunny side up

OUTFITS 3 July 2016 1 Comments

Who said a one piece cannot be stylish? The summer vibe is on! Let’s go sunny side up in this yellow one piece bathing suit, covered with a color bomb of flowers. You know I love tankini’s but occasionally I like to wear a one piece. Strapless that is! This bright yellow bathing suit is so feminine with the frills…

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black swimsuit

fashion & trends 30 April 2016 0 Comments

Going for a classic black swimsuit can turn out totally different with these one pieces Yesterday I posted my brand new shopped swimsuit on social media and I got so many comments from all of you! Thank you for all the nice complements by the way. Below you can see the photo I am talking about. What do you think…

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