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drinks at the pool

OUTFITS 27 July 2017 3 Comments

When on holiday, let’s do drinks at the pool. In the south of France, enjoying the sun in style Love a little bit of luxury, that’s why we’re on holiday right? I love lying around the pool all day, relaxing and sipping my diet coke. Okay, cocktails sounds a lot better but I don’t drink them. When I’m going for…

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New Year. Same You.

TRENDS 6 January 2017 0 Comments

The new swimwear collection of GabiFresh X SwimSuits For All is out and I’m not sure what I love most Not which item I love most, but what I love most. The collection, or the fabulous message they want to come across. Watch the video above, click play above here in the image and you will see what I mean. “You…

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sheer khaki

OUTFITS 29 May 2016 3 Comments

Summer ready in this sheer khaki tankini on the beautiful island Santorini Back when there was more chance of snow then sun I already bought this tankini. I spotted it and I just had to have it. I ordered it online and I was over the moon when it fitted me right. I love the original shape and this color…

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black swimsuit

fashion & trends 30 April 2016 0 Comments

Going for a classic black swimsuit can turn out totally different with these one pieces Yesterday I posted my brand new shopped swimsuit on social media and I got so many comments from all of you! Thank you for all the nice complements by the way. Below you can see the photo I am talking about. What do you think…

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tankini time

OUTFITS 15 July 2015 2 Comments

It’s tankini time! Just like fashion I love to vary in swimwear I have spent a week in the south of France trying to escape the Dutch heat wave. Even though it was hot there too, there was something more relaxing to it. Perhaps it was the pool? Like my fashion styles I like to vary in swimwear as well…

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