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casual corset

OUTFITS 29 June 2017 0 Comments

A corset, but different than you would expect. Not every trend appeals to me, but this one I had to give so time You might have noticed it already but wearing lingerie as regular garment is a real trend right now. It started in the 1990’s and it’s back, wearing a singlet top over a t-shirt. Often those are satin…

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wind speed 8

OUTFITS 5 May 2017 0 Comments

How I love the Dutch city Haarlem but shooting photos with wind speed 8 can be a tough one The sun was shining and we decided to go to Haarlem, run some errons and have a drink. It’s such a beautiful city, I love straling around. All happy with my new dress we went over there but soon my outfit appeared…

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blue velvet

OUTFITS 20 December 2016 1 Comments

When the light hits that blue velvet, it becomes breathtaking There is something magical about velvet. I fell in love with this bright blue color the minute I saw it. That glow & that flow of velvet is something I absolutely love about this dress. I’ve had the dress for a while already but wasn’t sure how to wear it.…

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burgundy & black

OUTFITS 5 December 2016 0 Comments

These colours burgundy & black are a match made in heaven A fabric like velvet has so much allure. How I love this deep red colour, it’s just perfect with black. In a dress like this I feel like magic, tempting in velvet. The right accessories make my look complete. I got this purse during the Paul’s Boutique Exclusive Style Bloggers Event and…

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a gray-t day

OUTFITS 21 September 2015 0 Comments

Today is a gray-t day from top till toe! Dressed up by dressing down, all in one tone. Sometimes simplicity brings you so much more. Going from never wearing gray to an all gray outfit. Gray is hot and I love this tone. This blue type of gray is even on the hot list of Pantone’s fall fashion colors and is called…

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