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ready for the storm

OUTFITS 6 February 2018 0 Comments

It looks like the perfect winter day but there’s a storm coming It was a freezing cold day but the sun was shining, all appeared to be the perfect winter day. On this day I decided to go out and make these photos because the light in this time of year is so beautiful. I went where it was the…

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preppy & animal print

OUTFITS 6 October 2017 1 Comments

Switch season, not style! In preppy & animal print on one of the last days of summer The number of items with an animal print is growing in my closet. It took me a while to accept these prints but now I am hooked.  I couldn’t resist to combine it in my own preppy way with high heels and light…

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faux uni stripe

OUTFITS 30 May 2017 0 Comments

The classic blouse stripe in a modern style. The faux uni stripe is timeless styled in a fashionable off shoulder blouse The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising so it’s time to take out those summer items. One thing that can’t be missing in your wardrobe this season, is a faux uni stripe. Fine, narrow stripes in pastel colours…

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embroidered jeans

OUTFITS 15 May 2017 1 Comments

Pink, stripes and embroidered jeans; a classic look with a fashionable touch to it What’s so much fun about fashion is that you can interoperate it in so many ways. Do you prefer a classic style, do you love fashion? Why not combine them both and do your own thing, that’s how I like to do it. You might have…

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OUTFITS 26 January 2017 0 Comments

For some comfortable is the forbidden word in fashion Why? I really wonder why this is? Yes, I’m truly the advocate for fashion freedom, just wear whatever makes you feel good. Oh yes, I have my opinion, but you don’t have to do anything with this right? Unless you specifically ask me about it, in that case I’d love to talk about the…

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glitter & black

OUTFITS 8 December 2016 0 Comments

These holidays in glitter & black, but not in the standard way During the holidays it’s very common to wear glitter and black right? I love it but wanted to try out something new. Well, new to me at least. Actually, I never wear pants with a straight leg. When I found this one I just had to try it…

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sunny in black

OUTFITS 19 August 2016 1 Comments

You can still look sunny in black, let me show you When the sun is shining bright I always feel like wearing color. Some think that black is a no-go in summer but I disagree. Especially this year, where black is actually one of the fashion colors of summer. So pair your cute tops with some black basics and off…

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lace bomber

OUTFITS 11 August 2016 0 Comments

denim, off white and blue tones for summer Well I could be spending my summer days on the beach but the weather is just not that good in Holland. The good part is that the shops have plenty of sale going on and the new collections are coming in too. A great moment to go treasure hunting, and so I…

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lace & glitter

OUTFITS 7 June 2016 4 Comments

It’s wedding season! Wearing lace & glitter in pastel How I love weddings, the celebration of love! Last week I attended a wedding of dear friends. We were invited to come over for drinks, diner and dancing. What to wear? The little black dress was not appropriate. The cute dress I have from last year wasn’t suitable as I a…

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