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jacquard & faux fur

OUTFITS 3 October 2017 2 Comments

The change of season, perfect for this new coat of jacquard & faux fur. Slowly the weather is changing into autumn, time to warm up Slowly the weather is changing, the leafs are falling of the trees and the colours of summer change into autumn. Here in Holland it’s Fall now and it’s one of the charming times of the…

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leopard in liverpool

OUTFITS 18 September 2017 1 Comments

Red, gold & leopard print in downtown Liverpool, the perfect plus size proof shopping city! While it was raining cats and dogs here in the Netherlands, we were running from shop top shop in British Liverpool. I love this city but let’s talk about this later. In the street of our hotel there were cute corners everywhere. A perfect place…

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casual corset

OUTFITS 29 June 2017 0 Comments

A corset, but different than you would expect. Not every trend appeals to me, but this one I had to give so time You might have noticed it already but wearing lingerie as regular garment is a real trend right now. It started in the 1990’s and it’s back, wearing a singlet top over a t-shirt. Often those are satin…

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OUTFITS 26 June 2017 0 Comments

Fierce in yellow, let’s make that lemonade! Do you know the quote when life gives you lemons, make lemonade? For a long time it didn’t make any (real) sense to me, up to now when I’m sitting at home with that bag of lemons in my hand. I thought of this while writing up this blog post, wearing yellow. A colour I…

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work out fit

OUTFITS 23 June 2017 0 Comments

Let’s hit the gym! In style, in the right work out fit together with these babes ánd Ashley Graham! Last Sunday I went to the Glamour Health Challenge in Amsterdam  to attent a massive work out sessions. It was such a fun day but extremely warm! Everyone was dressed to work out, so let me show you our outfits, mine…

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