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casual strapless

OUTFITS 25 July 2016 1 Comments

Strapless the casual way with sneakers When you shop a new a dress it’s nice to know you can combine in it different ways, so let me show you casual strapless. You have seen me wearing this dress earlier with high heels and a sparkle clutch, but it’s time to show you the other way to combine this dress. The…

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strapless in black

OUTFITS 19 July 2016 1 Comments

Classic strapless in black I’ve always had a thing for strapless, I love it! Though it’s not always available in bigger sizes so I was happy to find this perfect strapless black dress. So many ways to wear this, this time classic strapless in black. I know most women don’t like to wear bare arms, but I have decided that I…

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chic in batik

OUTFITS 2 June 2016 0 Comments

Fashion is fun & sometimes really simple. Like dressing up in the dress, all chic in batik Sometimes a simple little dress can make you feel all chic. I have this with the batik dress I am wearing here. It’s a very simple shape but the gorgeous print makes it that I like it so much. I love this batik…

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under my umbrella

OUTFITS 18 October 2015 0 Comments

When rain can actually cheer you up. Under my umbrella, ella, ella.. With every season comes different weather, at least here in Holland it does. I don’t mind, because with every season comes new wardrobes. Yes, I admit I am a shopaholic but like I always say “you have to sponsor the economy to keep it going”. However I would…

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‘70s retro look [outfit]

OUTFITS 2 September 2015 0 Comments

Sometimes I joke that I was born in the wrong year. I love the ‘70s. When I When I saw this dress I thought immediately that’s so ’70s and I love it! The print, the colors, the fit. It has my name written all over it. By now you know my love for the ‘70s style fashion. It’s not the hippie…

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A letter to H&M+

STORIES 25 February 2015 0 Comments

A letter to the head office of Hennes & Maurits: Dear all, dear H&M+ department, Hopefully you can find the time to read my letter. I would like to discuss the fit issues of the H&M+ collections on a professional basis. Besides a Plus Size Blogger I am also a well experienced Product Manager of womenswear. I am one of…

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