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more colour

OUTFITS 2 December 2016 2 Comments

It’s time to add some more colour to these grey days We can all use a little more colour during these grey days of fall, don’t you agree? You know by now that I’m not a big fan of prints, but when I do like one, I love it. The same happened with this dress, when I saw this print…

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trends today

TRENDS 15 November 2016 0 Comments

What are the trends today? It’s fall, what to wear When the seasons change so does my wardrobe. Despite the weather doesn’t have such massive changes, I can really look forward to a new season. The fall collection are inspired by the 1990’s. For me it’s a trip down memory lane. Gosh, I feel old with my 34 years now..…

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chic in sweatpants

OUTFITS 14 November 2016 2 Comments

This year no sequenced dress or skirt, no these holidays I’m chic in my sweatpants Some trends I just embrace immediately, just like this one, the sweatpants. If you style it the right way it looks like you’re wearing actual pants. I love it, because it’s like wearing pyjamas and still looking like a boss lady. You these type of trousers…

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fall favourite look

OUTFITS 31 October 2016 0 Comments

When I surprise myself with my new fall favourite look Does this only happen to me? I shop something and not sure if I really like it, or when I will wear it and it ends up being one of my favourite outfits? This happens to me all the time. I guess that’s also the answer to why did you shop it…

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colors of fall

OUTFITS 2 October 2016 2 Comments

The leafs falling from the trees, the wind picking up, time to wear the colors of fall Even though this September might be one of the warmest ever, you can see fall around the corner. Slowly the leafs start to fall from the trees, it’s getting chilly outside and the wind is picking up. Though I love those summer days,…

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over the knee boots

TRENDS 27 September 2016 2 Comments

The boots for this season are going all the way, over the knee! These boots are one of the biggest trends for coming season. Personally I find shopping new boots the same as to find a new pair of perfect jeans; lots of fitting and searching till you find the right pair. Sometimes I can shop regular size boots which fit…

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spicy mustard musthaves

fashion & trends TRENDS 8 September 2016 0 Comments

Get ready for fall and wear these spicy mustard musthaves this season It started last winter with tones of yellow and it became even more popular in spring in a, but in fall of 2016 this mustard tone is the accent color you need in your wardrobe. I’m naming it spicy mustard as this is the given accent color name by pantone, which…

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trend alert: fall 2016

TRENDS 14 August 2016 2 Comments

The fashion colors of fall 2016 Actually I don’t want to think of Fall at all, I’d rather sit out in the sun. Let’s hope for a long Indian Summer with warm days and chill evenings. Though the shops are already filling up with new collections and I must say, the top 10 fall fashion colors do make my fashion…

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