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floral summer

OUTFITS 9 July 2018 0 Comments

Summer is here to stay! One after another warm day which asks for cute and comfortable summer looks On the blog this time two different outfits which match perfectly. Dressed on two different women, different sizes going together perfectly. The American Beck from Manfattan.com and I joined up to make photos of our coordinated looks in floral summer, we had…

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break the rules

OUTFITS 23 October 2017 0 Comments

Forget all those fashion rules this season and just break the rules! We’ve all heard it so many times that we automatically follow some standards. Always wear something over the hips, make sure it’s not too tight. It has to be flattering, and so on and so on. What if you just forget about all of that and just wear…

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tropical flowers

OUTFITS 23 May 2016 0 Comments

To watch the beautiful sunset & tropical flowers in the lovely town Oía, Santorini On the lovely island Santorini it’s all about that gorgeous sunset. When we were staying the lovely town Oía we decided to take a stroll and watch the sun go down. The scenery is gorgeous, so I couldn’t resist to make outfit photos of that evening.…

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the red blazer

OUTFITS 20 March 2016 0 Comments

A classic, a basic, a real must have. The red blazer The color red might not be considered a basic, however when in the right garment it truly is. A red blazer can be worn in so many different ways, which I didn’t imagine before. It was by coincidence that I bought this blazer and I was surprised to see…

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ticket to the tropics

OUTFITS 2 May 2015 0 Comments

Buy me a ticket to the tropics, I am ready for some sunshine! Although it looks very sunny -it was- but unfortunately it’s still not very warm here in Holland. Though I am in need of some sunshine, who isn’t right? What I love about new seasons is the new collections. With sunshine in my mind I bought this cute…

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flowers & stripes

OUTFITS 26 February 2015 0 Comments

I love to bend the fashion rules and make my own combinations. Mixing flowers and stripes is really my preppy thing The romantic flowers on this dress matches perfectly with the modern pinstripes of the blouse. It’s almost a way of preppy meets vintage. That’s what I love about fashion, making new combinations and mixing items you normally wouldn’t combine. The…

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Miss Etam jeans

OUTFITS 16 February 2015 0 Comments

One of the best basic items, a grey jeans. It matches perfectly with a black and white outfit. I tried on these grey miss etam jeans When I received my parcel it was wrapped in such a fun way. It was a no-brainer what was inside, a pair of jeans. When miss etam asked me to review a pair of…

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