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material mix

OUTFITS 15 January 2018 0 Comments

By mixing different materials you can change your fashion style. A simple way to create new looks with the same wardrobe Earlier I wrote about the fashion trends in 2018, in which we will be varying more in materials for a renewed look. Colors, styles and even fits will remain the same but with the use of different fabrics. Corduroy,…

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culottes, dare to wear [outfit]

OUTFITS 11 January 2016 1 Comments

A real dare to wear, these culottes. I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided my fashion heart won from my insecurities A real dare to wear for me, these culottes. While I’m at it, why not combine it with a bright lime color? Wild! I went away for a couple of days together with my boyfriend. We were both…

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