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twinning is winning

OUTFITS 24 August 2018 1 Comments

Two different shapes, a different size and a big different in length. But still wearing the same dress: twinning is winning! We have completely different body shapes but wearing the same dress. Beck and I show that certain items can be worn by everyone. This wrap dress is the perfect example of a dress that suits every type of body…

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boyfriend blouse

OUTFITS 2 August 2018 0 Comments

My go to outfit the past week is this boyfriend blouse. A long blouse which I wear as a dress. Perfect for these warm Spanish days The weather has been so beautiful these days, summer is really here. I have enjoyed it so much and even more now on my summer holiday in Spain. When it’s so warm I just…

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red lips & curvy hips

OUTFITS 2 October 2017 0 Comments

Curvy hips & red lips. That one little detail can make a difference. Sometimes it’s not just the item, but the whole look Sometimes it just takes that one little detail to make it complete. It’s not just the outfit, it’s the complete look. After being sick all week I couldn’t wait to get dressed up and go outside. On…

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drinks at the pool

OUTFITS 27 July 2017 3 Comments

When on holiday, let’s do drinks at the pool. In the south of France, enjoying the sun in style Love a little bit of luxury, that’s why we’re on holiday right? I love lying around the pool all day, relaxing and sipping my diet coke. Okay, cocktails sounds a lot better but I don’t drink them. When I’m going for…

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OUTFITS 5 September 2016 2 Comments

Never underestimate the power of stripes Oh yes, that’s true. Stripes are always applicable for every look. At least, this is what I told myself when I went shopping and promised myself to only shop sale and bargains. I ended up shopping the new collection as well. Just a little bit though. After all, there is no such thing as…

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dare to wear

OUTFITS 11 May 2015 0 Comments

A dare to wear for me. Something I wouldn’t pick out myself, but after putting on this jumpsuit I changed my mind First, there is something you need to know about me: I am terrible when it comes to prints. Often I don’t like them or they don’t appeal to me. So before I find the right garment and I…

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