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my style is finally a trend, Chanel for beginners

OUTFITS 27 September 2018 0 Comments
1dress Sara Lindholm via Happy Size
2blazer Sara Lindholm via Happy Size
3belt Primark

Finally, my favorite style is one of the trends of this season! I like to call is Chanel for beginners; classic, preppy and stylish You might not believe when when I tell you that if I could chose, I’d be a true Chanel girl. Well, most of the time as I do tend to vary a lot in my style.…

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it’s a faux wrap!

OUTFITS 10 November 2017 5 Comments

The secret to this perfect dress is the faux wrap! You know you’ve found the perfect dress when you put it on and it’s fits. No extra belt, no wiggling the dress in place, no effort. The drape is how I want it to be, it’s doesn’t show are lumps and bumps and it even flatters. You know I don’t…

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sweater weather

OUTFITS 6 November 2017 2 Comments

When the leafs start to fall it becomes sweater weather. The perfect season for layering up & print mixes The sun in shining and yet it’s cold, typical fall weather. It’s my favourite season when it comes to fashion. Layering up, different fabrics and structures. Warm tones, mixed prints and of course the accessories like hats and scarfs. Fall at…

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burn out & pinstripes

OUTFITS 22 September 2017 0 Comments

Leopard burn out & pinstripes on top of the world; an all balanced navy blue in different structures To be honest I’m actually kind of boring because I just love to match. This season it’s all about clashing colours but I take my time getting there. In love with this top, but how to wear it? I went through my…

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