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how I got my groove back

OUTFITS 15 March 2018 4 Comments

Just for a few seconds there I felt like the old me. Fashion can do this with me, the feeling like I got my groove back and it felt awesome! While I was dressing I noticed something changing in me. I was happy, in a positive vibe and walked over to the mirror. It was hard to describe but it…

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Dye your eyebrows

BEAUTY 29 March 2017 0 Comments

dyeing in your own eyebrows isn’t that difficult and gives a natural look When it comes to make up and I could only pick one thing, it would be brow make up. To me the eyebrows is what makes a face, it comes to life and can even enhance it. A couple of times I wrote about brow make up…

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leopard & gold

OUTFITS 31 December 2016 0 Comments

A true match don’t you agree, leopard & gold + GIVEAWAY Never would have imagined that I would ever wear a leopard print, let along matching it with gold. After doubting for a whole I decided to go for it and bought this leopard printed coat. Once I tried it on, I was hooked. I love fashion, I love (most)…

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my big brother

STORIES 7 November 2016 2 Comments

Today it’s all about my big brother, the artist He’s probably think this is lame, his little sister writing a blog all about him! I promised you guys to tell you more about me and my life. Today’s it’s my brother’s birthday, so a good reason to tell you who’s in my life and what’s going on. A little party…

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Seductive suede

OUTFITS 2 February 2016 0 Comments

The recipe for a seductive dress is this body con in sexy suede In the month of love it’s time for a more seductive dress, in sexy suede. The body con dress is a perfect shape to show some curves, being a woman and feeling sexy. A little dare to wear for me, a fitted dress like this. If you…

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