Photoshoot at the Zizzi store

Fotoshoot bij ZizziLast week I booked a photoshoot at the Zizzi store in Holland. Never before did I do this in such a way.

Several brands are doing this at the moment, in Holland: arranging a photoshoot for their customers. You go to the shop and choose an outfit you like. A professional make up artist and photographer are there to shoot you. I have never done such a shoot before. I always wanted to go to a Zizzi shop and there was my chance to combine them both.


After a warm welcome by the Zizzi staff we got orange juice and chocolates. We were advised to find an outfit we liked. The women in the shop were very friendly and helpfull. I wanted to wear something I usually don’t pick out. In this case it was a blazer with a satin top, in purple. Not my color usually but this combo I liked a lot. Finally, the outfit was complete and I was ready to go.

Fotoshoot Zizzi

all complete

When you got your outfit you could go to the make up artist, she would turn you into a vamp (if you weren’t already). Little blush here, some lipgloss there and you were good to go. In the back of the shop the professional photographer was ready with a little set to make the photos. Surprisingly enough I felt at easy right away. Some poses I really didn’t like and I asked if we could do it differently. He convinced me that this would be great.. and he was right. Though the photos are real portraits and not so much fashion I still decided to show them.

Photoshoot at the Zizzi store


These jeans are the type you don’t want to take off. It’s super soft and stretchable. I prefer the lower rise jeans because this fits me better, though it’s still high enough to cover up my belly jelly. I am wearing a satin top which has an open back, with a strap with embellishments. A real eyecatcher which you don’t really see this way. Finally the printed purple blazer which I normally would never choose, but I really like it.

Fotoshoot bij Zizzi


Here is a photo of the whole outfit. Unfortnatley the shot wasn’t so well so I look like I am really short, but at least you get to see the whole outfit including the pair of black jeans. All in all I really liked to have done such a photoshoot. Once all photos are taken there is the moment of truth. All photos on a big screen. You have to pick out your favorites and you can buy the photos you like. I didn’t agree with all poses, so not all photos appealed to me.

Photoshoot at the Zizzi store

the effect

I was shocked to see the reactions of some women, all teared up from happiness. They almost couldn’t believe it was them, so pretty. What an amazing sight. This is proof how important it is for all women to know they are beautiful. A good photographer and nice styling can really make you feel proof of yourself. I would recommend all women to do this once in your life.


A nice brand, a nice shop. The sizes go from 42 till 56. Do you shop at Zizzi?





images: thebiggerblog

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