Okay, there’s a new sport: negativity

What can really annoy me is reading other people’s comments on social media. Are we really that rude?


It starts at the beginning. I see only capitals, or none at all. No dots or comma are used, but writing correctly seems to he the hardest. What kind of people are those who always comments negatively on each social media message? Out of all the ridiculous researches being done each year, could someone please divine this? Why is negativity so much easier then being polite?


I guess the word respect is the most important one in this discussion. When people reply to social media they forget it’s about a human being who had done lots of efforts to post something online. Or it’s about a brand who’s showing off their product on which they had worked hard and are proud to show it. When I post something it’s because I like it and I want to share it with the world. I have made an effort in writing the post and I’m proud of it, or else I would share it at all. Making an effort could at least result in being polite don’t you agree? I just can’t believe all people are that negative, or is it just the negavitity-lovers who reply? So then where are all the positivity vibes? Come hither!

you put your face on tv

When a movie star or a musician is featured people think they are allowed to just reply in any kind of way because after all “you put your face on tv!”. Seriously? The same applies to bloggers. Yes they post photos of themselves ons social media, they love to share their passion with you. It’s a choice, yes that too. Not all replies are positive which is okay, everyone can have their opinion but just like in the real world ”can’t you say that in a normal manner?. Some replies can actually hurt people and are very offensive. To be honest, I don’t even take the time to real all that negative crap, just like most other bloggers won’t either! I’m sure that about 98% of all those haters wouldn’t dare to say this shit to my face. Easy being such a hater when it’s just you and that little screen isn’t it?!

my followers

How happy I am with you guys! Only positive vibes here, even if my post is not your cup of tea. I love to read your comments, even when they aren’t positive or when you have a different opinion. This is what makes the world so exiting, with lots of different people! Of course when I post something online I’m happy with my post, I’m even proud of it sometimes and most of all, I did my very best. Keep on replying, if you love it but also when you don’t like it that much or if it’s not something for you. I might have some advise for you, or you for me.

let’s share the positive vibes

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