You must have heard it already, the Dutch retailer MS mode files for bankruptcy

It has happened a couple of times already, Dutch fashion brands not making it. Those who follow my blog know I work in the fashion industry. It has happened to me as well, working for a company that has requested for an extension and eventually filing for a bankruptcy. It’s a sad day today for MS mode and its employees. Sometimes we forget about the hard working people behind such a company.


Everybody is panicing right now. The customers which are afraid of losing one of their favorite shops but also the employees. A bankruptcy is a big thing for a company but also for its staff. Will they proceed with an investor? How will this procedeer? Do the employees have their jobs back? And can we continue shopping in our favorite shop? I read all sorts of opinions on social media. Often I can laugh about them, not because it’s funny but because people’s ignorance.

the solution

If it really was that simple then there would have been a solution already. People often don’t realize how much hard work goes into creating a collection and making sure the right items are in the shops. It has to do with so many things. Luckily there are still lots of positive people who will continue shopping at MS mode. They are just as positive about it as I am! Right now all will be standing still so keep a close eye on their social media.


I’ve read so many comments on social media and it shocks me. Women who are saying that MS mode is bringing them fashion and trends. Are you kidding me? Do you even know what the trend is? Normally I don’t speak out as much but this is seriously making me angry. If it’s not your taste it doesn’t mean it’s not fashion or on trend. And if you take a look in the shops they have a great new collection, daring and one of the few Dutch retailers with fashion! Take a look and you’ll also find the classic stuff, which has been there for year. Either way, you can have your pick. The price is also a comment but that’s different for each and every one. Personally I prefer to pay a little extra for a great fit, good quality and knowing is was properly produced. Perhaps an eye opener?

you’re appreciated

“a few personal words to the MS mode team from me as a blogger, as a customer, as a fan”

Whatever happend, you can be proud of yourselves. Proud of all the hard work you’ve done. The lovely women in the shops who are always willing to help. The gorgeous collections in the shops and the webshop that inspires us all. Last weekend I went to the shop and I enjoyed seeing the new collection, it looks amazing. Well done! Often -we as consumers- forget what a huge team is behind a company. From the designers, to the people who make sure it comes in the shops. They are entitled to a compliment!

thank you

Shopping can be difficult being a plus size. MS mode makes sure almost all women can shop, sizes 40 up to 54 (EU). The new collection is amazing and I see lots of fashion, which makes me proud. As long as I can remember I shop at MS mode but also as a plus size blogger for the past two wears I’m your number one fan! thank you for creating fashion for plus size women, thank you for your amazing collections. A fashion brand is crisitzed all the time, you can’t satisfy evrerone. Different tast, but also different body shapes and age make this difficult. I speak for myself saying that I’m so happy with you guys and I hope you will continue. I am positive about a good ending!

do you agree with me? leave a message and support the MS mode team #curvepower 

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  1. ELLY

    Ik vind het zo vreselijk van mijn MS Winkel.waar moet ik nu naartoe voor leuke kleding. Ik ging iedere maand kleding kopen bij MS. Is voor mij een feestje iedere maand .ff lekker kijken. Ze hebben zn leuke kleding in een maatje meer. .ik kan MS echt niet missen.hoop dat alles weer goed komt. Gr Elly


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