when sports is your 2016 goal

This year I won’t be announcing any goals for the new year but if when sports is your 2016 goal then you don’t want to miss this post!

Why I am not attending this year’s goals? Because it’s just a disappointment. The beginning of 2015 started out great and I went to the gym regularely. I saw all those funny quotes online and realized that it applied to me too. Haven’t been working out the past few months and have to step up my game. Oh well, I will give it a go. It’s important to be healthy at any size after all. So, in the spirit of theBiggerBlog, if you go, go in style. Here is a great outfit which is available in your plus size.

when sports is your 2016 goal

During exercising this jacket might be too warm but it’s perfect for after and it goes up to EU size 52. The top is shape I love, it’s a short sleeve so you can move but it has the wide fit at the belly so you don’t see any wobbly bits when working out. It goes up to EU size 56. The trousers have a great shape and go up to size EU 54. Combine it with a nice pair of matching fitness sneakers and sports bag. When you have large breasts, invest in the right sports bra.

bootcut sport trousers Lola Getts Active via Navabi | top Whkmp’s Great Look |
sport bra Marika via Navabi | fitness sneakers Nike’s | bag H&M

als sport je goede voornemen is

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