There is only one flagship store of Violeta by Mango in Holland so I went there to check it out for you. Why you should go there too?

The flagship store is in Eindhoven, a long drive from my place but I went there anyway. I was determined to go through the collection! Just next to the Mango shop is a real Violeta store. I was so delighted just to see the sign in the middle of the shopping street of this big city. Not far away tucked into an ally, no just in one of the main streets. The shop has a connection with the Mango store so you can easily walk in and out both shops. Ideal when you go shopping with you slimmer friends! Just like the collection, the store breathes class and style. Simple but elegant. Lovely fabrics are used, nice prints and great colors too.

Violeta by Mango in Holland

Violeta by Mango in Holland

Violeta by Mango in Eindhoven NL

Violeta by Mango in Holland

The collection goes up to a size 52. In Spain. The sizes are very different compared to other European retailers and also the fit is different. I can’t remember being in a shop and trying on over 20 pieces and not buying one single item. It was one of those moments I haven’t had in a long time: I feel fat and ugly. Yes, this happens to me too! I tried on all those items I had almost ordered online the day before and was so enthusiastic about them, however they all didn’t fit me properly, too tight on the hips, too wide on the waist, for me out of balance. When trying on the biggest size 52 (while I normally wear 48) I noticed that the fit wasn’t matching my body shape.

“if you have a straight or bigger on the chest body shape, this store is the best thing that has ever happened to you”

Violeta by Mango in Holland

Violeta by Mango in Holland

Violeta by Mango in Holland

Rechtestraat 42 – Eindhoven, the Netherlands

How happy I was to have finally been in the shop, the same amount of sadness came over me when I didn’t fulfill my shopaholic needs. Though I am not a negative minded person, so let me translate my experience into a positive thing and let me list up the good parts:

♥ big store, lots of choices from preppy to casual chic
♥ size range up to 52 (actual fit EU 50)
♥ great accessories to go with all outfits

This is a good example of what I am always saying, shop your shape and not your body size. If you are on the larger size of EU 50/52 or you have a typical hourglass figure like me, I would recommend you to go on a day you feel great about yourself and you can handle everything, why?

♦ fitting rooms are 1×1 square meter and bloody hot, you have to have a strong focus even in winter to survive, lol
♦ sizes aren’t true compared to other similar brands
♦ fit aren’t focussed on broad hips, styles are very straight or even going slimmer at the hips but wide on the waist

By the way, of course I did get my needs when it comes to shopping. I just went to other regular size shops and got home with 2 bags

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