the LBD parade

the LBD parade

What to wear? The LBD parade shows you the best black dresses for all occasions

If you wonder what to wear? Go for the LBD, the little black dress. This is fit for any occasion and you dress it up or down any way you like. You’re always well dressed in such a dress.

the classic LBD

In the 1920’s Chanel came with a simple black dress, which was suitable for every woman. This dress is the base for the correct LBD. A black evening dress or cocktail dress, short and all black. Classic options for an LBD are the dresses below, all available in pls size. A simple shape, a clean cut and perfect for any occasion.

every day LBD

A black dress is a fashion basic and can always be found in any collection. Nowadays there are also some options which are more casual. I like to name these my pyjama outfits as they are so comfortable, it doesn’t feel like I got up and got dressed in the morning. Though no one sees it as a pyjama actually, it’s timeless and simple. Depending on the way you style it that day is what makes you look casual or city chic.

the wow LBD

I’m guessing every women would prefer to wear the “every day LBD” but there are also some moments in your life in which you just want to look smashing. For these days there are the wow dresses. The shape is a little more dressed up, the color remains black of course. The fabrics are richer and more detailed. The perfect dress for a special occasion like a dinner party, a wedding or even a funeral.


It’s up to you how you wear such a dress. Especially the classic dresses can be worn in many different ways. For a party just wear it with a nice pair of stockings, high heels, the perfect clutch and some awesome red lipstick. The next day you wear the same dress with a pair of high density tights, sneakers and a bomber jacket and go for groceries. The other dresses are actually no longer an LBD since you can’t really cross wear these. The pyjama dress is not applicable for a party. The wow dress could be an every day dress, if you decide each day is a party! Why not?

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