smart shopping

Ladies, it’s sale everywhere! Make sure you are smart shopping. Let me tell you how

I know it has been an expensive period during the holidays but I hope you have put something aside to go shopping. Now is the perfect time to score some treasures. Last weekend I was away for a couple of days and ended up in Antwerp. Shop-heaven during sales!

smart shopping

don’t shop the season but shop the fashion 

Check out what the trends will be for the coming seasons and you will be right on point with your wardrobe the next seasons. Lots of brands bring a regular collection but some items are edgy, perhaps too soon for the common shopping girls. So this is your chance! Shop these fashion items and you will ready for next year. I shopped these lovely pale blue platform heels for only 9 euro. Not that I will be walking around with open toe shoes these coming weeks, but I have new shoes for this spring in one of the colors of 2016. Hot!

check out other sizes 

When you check out the clothing rack and you can’t find your size, just check out what’s hanging there. Always shop your shape and not your size. So there might some items which by the number would be too big or too narrow, just check them and try them. Who knows! There are so many reasons why a garment isn’t sold out. Keep you eyes open. I shopped a lovely off white pullover about two sizes bigger then I normally wear but it fitted me perfectly. You will see this post this Friday only by the way.

shop other seasons 

It might not be sunny and warm outside yet but it will be in a few months. Or if you will take an early summer break and go to somewhere exotic you might wear this sooner then you think. Check out items from different seasons and buy the bargains now or pay the full amount in a couple of weeks. Your choice.

go out of your comfort zone 

Okay, it’s sale and everything is off at least 50%. Go wild! Try out those things which you normally wouldn’t buy. Why not? For a good bargain it’s okay to just wear it a couple of times. Don’t worry, we have to keep the economy going right? And the shops want to get rid of their stocks. I see it as a win win for both parties. This is how I have shopped my dare to wear culottes.

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