theBiggerBlog celebrates! No party without presents. Win a shopping voucher of 150€ with Navabi

This month it’s the two year anniversary of theBiggerBlog and that asks for a celebration! I am so thrilled to have you guys as readers and that’s why I am so happy to hand out presents. What? You can win a 150€ shopping voucher with Navabi. This is one of the biggest plus size webshops with all the nice brands!

how to win? 

♥ leave a reply below and describe the first post on theBiggerBlog that comes to mind (except this one)
♥ tell me why you think of this post and what you think of it
♥ new? Tell me which post you clicked first (except this one) and why
♥ extra chance to win is by sharing my photo on instagram with the #theBiggerBlogcelebrates
♥ the winner will be chosen in two weeks


Have you shopped with Navabi before? If not then you should ready check it out. My favorite brand is Manon Baptiste, one of their own labels. Clean, beautiful shapes, a good fit and above all: pretty! Here are some items from the new collection (though you can check out the sale too of course):


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with special thanks to Navabi for making this possible

7 Responses

  1. Suzanne

    Hello Josine !
    Very very new here 🙂 since yesterday. What a good job you are doing ! You have such good style to present to all the curvy ladies. You show its possible to be (really) hip and fashionable also.
    I like fashion a lot (in my younger years I worked in various clothing shops) and still have a hunger for fashion, fabrics, colors. My own style is very basic (black, white, grey, brown, beige, dark blue, for accessories I use color in bags, shoes and earrings. Love the way you inspire everybody here with your variety of styles, silhouettes and colors !!!! Keep up the good work. Yesterday I checked your Instagram and the post I was immediately attracted to was your post in a leather pencil skirt with dark tights underneath and a sleeveless high collar top. Great look, exactly the way I would like to dress but don’t dare (yet). Love leatherjackets but would really love a leather skirt !
    Looks great on you and the picture before the white wall is really professional ! Perfect. Enjoy your day!!

    • theBiggerBlog - Josine

      Ah wat een ontzettend lief en motiverend berichtje Suzanne! Dankjewel, straks doe jij die leren rok ook aan xx Josine

  2. Katharina

    Hi! I’m new here and the first post I clicked was the ‘Sandy’ one because I really like biker jackets and the whole outfit is something I would wear in a heartbeat.

    • theBiggerBlog - Josine

      Hi Katharina, welcome! The biker jacket is new to me and I still have to get used to it. Glad you liked it!

  3. Eva

    Gefeliciteerd met je blog verjaardag babe!!! Ik vind je stories leuk en herkenbaar om te lezen en daarnaast staan jou outfit posts me goed bij… ik vind jou combinatie talent erg gaaf en inspirerend… spijkerblouse onder rem rode colbert, sneakers onder een jurkje.. ik love it. Navabi is voor mij een onbekende website, wel voorbij zien komen in advertenties maar voor mij boven budget. Zou tof zijn om iets uit te kunnen zoeken… XoXo Eva

  4. Geneva

    The first post that comes to mind is “I like big butts” from way back in Oct 2014. I have always been self-conscious of mine, and it was great to read something so affirming. It didn’t focus just on aesthetics, but health as well, which was an approach I had not seen before. And it was written like a supportive was talking to me. I really gained a new appreciation of my big butt after reading it and I still remember it!

  5. Kitty Morris

    Hi! I’m a newbie. The first post I clicked other than this one was of you in the Forever21 one piece in Santorini because I am obsessed with that suit, it’s so adorable.


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