plus size on the slopes

It’s not easy for a plus size on the slopes. Not because of the sports. No, because of the outfit!

When you love to go skiing like I do, you know the problem. Finding the right outfit is a problem, because the winter sport brands assume plus size women don’t go skiing or snowboarding. I have no idea why! Nothing is impossible, so here is a plus size outfit available in our size.

plus size on the slopes

ski jacket Maier | ski pants Maier
beanie S Oliver | gloves Vero Moda | ski boots Kamik

There are several brands who sell plus size ski gear however we don’t just want it to fit, we want it to be comfortable and look nice. My favorite outfit is all black and combine bright colors in my accessories. I occasionally shop colorful items but in the end, the black ones are timeless. The brand Maier sells in regular sizes as well as in plus sizes and is my favorite of them all. These two items you see above go up to EU size 58. Soms pants are also available in length sizes, tall, regular or short. Personally I wear a size 22 with Maier Sports which is a short-length pair of ski pants and I love them! This jacket from the new collection is very nice and I have tried it on, it fits really nice. There is a lot more to choose from, check out the webshop here. Just select your size and the items available will show.


Do you like winter sports? Tell me, do you ski or snowboard? 


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