online shopping tips

online shopping tips

It can be a real sport, online shopping. Even I get frustrated sometimes. So let me tell you these 5 online shopping tips which will help you on your way.

There are some basic rules to online shopping which can really make your life easier. Follow these rules and you will avoid some of the common frustrations during online shopping.

online shopping tipsMake sure you have a budget in mind to hold on to. Shopping great stuff but having to return them because you’re out of money isn’t satisfying either. Plan a certain amount and make sure you can afford it.

online shopping tipsOrdering the right size is crucial when it comes to online shopping but can be a horrible challenge. You could start measuring yourself up and compare it to the webshops list but my experience is that this is often a basic list and doesn’t fit my body shape at all. Especially when it comes to multi brand webshops. Rely on your own instinct. Which size do you normally wear? What kind of fabric is it and does it has a wide fit or not. It’s often mentioned at the details, or what size the model is wearing. Check this. In doubt, always order 2 sizes. Trust me, this has saved me so many times.

online shopping tipsShop everywhere! Don’t get stuck on your regular brands. You’re on the world wide web, you can shop everywhere. In the shopping streets you might be bound to certain shops, here you can go wild. Use the advantage for more original items.

online shopping tipsA very important -and often forgotten- point: always check the return policy of each webshop. Some deliver for free but you have to pay for the return parcel yourself. This can really become a big amount when ordering (and returning) a lot.

online shopping tipsCheck the payment options. I always choose for a payment after delivery. This way I only have to pay for the items I kept and the delivery costs. I am not a bank and I want to shop a lot, so this is the easiest way to go about. Sometimes it’s not possible to shop without credit card. In that case, check the date your credit card is being paid so that there is enough time between ordering and returning. Often credit card companies don’t pay back the refunded amount for weeks.

Online shopping is great! Especially when you don’t have much time. But make sure to do it the right way!

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