Time for summer dresses and skirts but what to wear underneath?

I love to wear legging shorts underneath my dresses. It feels like it’s shaping my body without wearing shape wear. I wear it high waisted and it keeps my thighs from chaving. I wear them underneath skirts and dresses and during summer when I go to the beach I even wear these with a long tunic. Sure there are other options you can wear but this is the safest one if you don’t want your skirt to go up or to show everything walking up the stairs. I’ve lined up a few options which are available in different colors. Click on the image to check out the sizes and price. update may 2017

knee length

Depending on which length you wear you can choose different options. These legging shorts from Exelle are available from size 42 up to size 60. They fit just on the knee, if you’re short just over the knee and are available in black and light grey. These are made of viscose elastane jersey which wears very comfortable when it’s hot.

korte legging

regular length

These regular length legging shorts are available in black and white. The sizes are from UK 18-32 and are made of cotton stretch, so they wear light and comfortable when it’s a warm summer. These come up just above the knee and are a regular length, not too long and not too short. Great for under all your dresses.

legging shorts

korte legging

korte legging

korte legging

korte legging

shape wear

There is the alternative of wearing shorts which will also shape your body. This way you have a two-in-one base layer, flattening and no thigh rub. Personally I am not about these, as I think these are much too warm in summer. A simple cotton pair of shorts also smoothens the lines for me, so I don’t need these kind however when you have lots of loose skin this might work a lot better. These are often high waisted and also have a tummy tuck effect as well as a butt lift.

korte legging

korte legging

panty broekje


If you want something very thin, more body suiting and you have a light skin tone then this options might be suitable for you, shorts tights. These are available in EU sizes 44 up to 62. These will help sculpting your body shape and look like you aren’t wearing anything.

legging shorts


A great alternative for longer skirts are Bandelettes. These are the ones I wear, here you can read my review and check the sizing:



what do you wear underneath your dresses and skirts?

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