How I love the Dutch city Haarlem but shooting photos with wind speed 8 can be a tough one

The sun was shining and we decided to go to Haarlem, run some errons and have a drink. It’s such a beautiful city, I love straling around. All happy with my new dress we went over there but soon my outfit appeared to be very unhandy. The wind was everywhere, like wind speed 8 and I’m trying to walk around lady like. The dress is quite short even with dense tights, but the wind made it tricky to act normal. Still I decided to make the photos and tried to avoid the wind, which didn’t always worked out.

windkracht 8windkracht 8windkracht 8

The photos didn’t come out the way I wanted but still I decided to post these images. This was an actual look and I still love to wear it. I’m only human and yes, I do make some judgement mistakes when it comes to my outfits as well. With hands on my hips, keeping the dress down we walked through the city center. A great excuse to go into shops by the way, but also to enjoy some drinks and quality time. On our way back to the car we decided to make some photos, searching for wind speed free spot, in the alley we managed, finally!

windkracht 8windkracht 8windkracht 8

This dress is from the regular collection of H&M and here I’m wearing a size 46. It has a wide fit actually and I bought because of the print and the flared sleeves. It’s made from viscose which wears very lovely, however it also shrinks. So even after washing it cold, my dress is now a tunic as it can’t be worn with dense tights anymore. Normally after ironing it goes back to shape, not this one though. Now I wear it with fake leather leggings or a trigging but always with my golden boots, I love them!

windkracht 8

biker jacket H&M+
dress & boots H&M
tights c/o Zizzi
cross body bag c/o Paul’s Boutique

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