Croissants for breakfast, sleeping in and lounging at the pool. Summer vibes with a touch of red in the south of France

Last week I spend my days in the south of France. The weather was just perfect. It can get really warm in July but it was just right, sunshine and a little breeze. We’ve slept in, enjoyed the pool and had croissants for breakfast every day. Pure luxury and a perfect getaway for some good rest. I couldn’t resist to go shopping to one of my fave markets.

un croissant s’il vous plaît

We spent each year a few days in the south of France, just an hour away from Bordeaux. My parents have a holiday cabin and we are always welcome to join. It’s such a welcome break, even during summer. Being abroad has something magic to it. We can go by plane, just for a few days, hand luggage only and go. And so we did this time as well.

touch of red
rood accent
rood accent

A touch of red in my outfit can be a real challenge as I don’t have that many colors in my closet. Such a coincidence as I just bought this long blouse with red and black print. The perfect reason to wear it when you find matching shoes. I love it when a plan comes together. We went to a market and there is always a boot with shoes, often most are very old fashioned. This time he brought really nice shoes, sandals and slippers. I couldn’t resist and bought myself two pairs!

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What we love to do is go thrifting. We found a thriftshop near our town and decided to go in. It’s even more fun abroad! Wondering how all those cute French furniture would look fab in the rooms we don’t have, lol. I also check out the fashion items and accessories. So I ended up buying the ’80s earrings and a grey leather clutch.

rood accent
rood accent
touch of red


The long blouse with a touch of red can also be worn as a dress. When I spotted the print and the red and black print on a beige base, I loved it immediately. And that says something for someone who doesn’t particularity loves prints. The blouse is a size XL from the regular collection and I’m wearing it as a cover it. My arms were slightly sunburned, so I wanted longsleeves (on top of the sunscreen) to protect my arms. It’s made of polyester jersey but wears comfortable light, not too warm at all. I’m wearing it over a top with double straps and cute beads hanging loose.

 These denim shorts are my summer favorite. Such a long blouse is perfect in summer when you’re insecure about wearing shorts. I’ve been wearing these jeans all summer because I love the denim color and the destroyed areas. This is a size 50 which became too wide but I like the wide fit on me with the big turn ups at the hem. I just wear a belt and the problem is solved.

blouse H&M
top c/o Elvi via navabi
shorts ms mode
shoes from the market
earrings & leather clutch thrift shop

I’ve bought another pair of sandals on that market, check them out in this article:

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