The last few weeks dressing up was not a priority. This weekend I finally felt good enough to go out and wear my new dress. How I loved that free feeling!

Do you know the expression rise before the fall? Well that happened to me last weekend. Recently I was diagnosed with a hernia and all I can do is take short walks and rest or lie down the whole day. So when I felt so good the whole week I decided to go out with Dennis in the weekend, a little family lunch with Charlotte. We took things slow and went to Haarlem, took a walk, had something to eat and all went well. Sunday we decided to do this again, on the beach. Again we had a lovely time, all went well until that night.

After lunch we went out and decided to quickly make photos of my new dress, as the location is so nice. The decoration is really good and all for sale, how fun is that? I felt so good in my new dress. What I love about it is the high low effect. Since I have a baby I don’t have time to check out my back when bending, and doing this a lot as a new mom. So this is perfect! At the bottom of the page you find all details on my outfit, which size I’m wearing and where to shop.

Unfortunately Sunday night things got worse. Lots of back ache, my leg starting to act up and the painkillers weren’t helping. Something I find hard to understand after dropping everything, taking things slow and resting so much. Back to square one, only small walks and lying down.

This cutter dress is made of comfortable viscose jersey material which is perfect for warmer weather. It has an elasticated waistline so you can adjust the waist position as you like. Keep it low and fitted or higher and slightly bulging the top part creating more waist. The frontside is shorter and has a faux wrap. It does fly open slightly -there was lots of wind this day- but I was still decent. The backside is longer and is cut round shaped which I love. I am wearing a EU size 48 which is a UK 20.

Cleavage isn’t really my thing so underneath I am wearing a satin top. I’ve had this one for ages and I wear it a lot. The topside is covered with a bit of lace which I really love (plus, it’s back in fashion now). The purse I am wearing as a belt is made of real leather and I love to wear this to keep my phone and medicine at close reach. It’s made this way so that you can wear it as a belt, as well as a regular shoulder purse. Because of my back issues I like to wear proper shoes and no flip flops or high heels. These cowboy boots I found in a little boutique shop and I was surprised they fitted me. I love how they make each outfit a bit more casual.

dress c/o Happy Size – Angel of Style
top ms mode
boots boutique shop in Hoofddorp
purse Kruidvat

check out the looks I’ve worn before from Happy Size

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