tankini time

tankini time

It’s tankini time! Just like fashion I love to vary in swimwear

I have spent a week in the south of France trying to escape the Dutch heat wave. Even though it was hot there too, there was something more relaxing to it. Perhaps it was the pool? Like my fashion styles I like to vary in swimwear as well and so I decided it was a tankini time of day.

tankini tankini

Depending ont he day, what my activities are or what I feel like determines my outfit. The same goes with swimwear actually. There are days that I parade in my bikini, but I also love a cute tankini. Seldom I wear a bathing suit, or one piece because that gives me more problems than solutions. A tankini is actually an extended bikini top. The advantages of a bikini, with a cup and adjustable topside but a longer part at the belly. Combining it with high waist briefs makes it optically a one piece but with a lot more comfort.

wear whatever you like!

I love those high waist breeds especially this one. The top side can be worn up for high waist, or folded for regular briefs. This way you can combine even more. What’s weird is that tankini’s often are shorter so you can still see a part of the tummy. Which I don’t mind but it exactly shows that part that I like least. So the high waist brief takes care of that. Also when I’m running around I can also tuck in the tankini top which prevents it from pulling up.

tankini tankini

The briefs are a size EU 48 which us UK 20 and the top is the same size, or one smaller. It has regular straps but I turned it into a halter neck. I don’t like the stripes when sunbathing. It was really simple, I just cut off the rings at the back and knotted the straps in my neck.

I prefer a tankini over a one piece for the following reasons:
♥ no hassle when you have to pee
♥ when you want a suntanned belly you can easily roll up the top
♥ you can mix and match with other pieces
♥ the distance between the bra part and the bottom part can be adjusted

what’s your favorite bathing suit in summer?

tankini & briefs Wehkamp


another suggestion:

sheer khaki

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  • admin 17 July 2015 15:38

    Aw, thank you so much Tammy!

  • Tammy 17 July 2015 12:50

    Love the tankini you look fab and ilove the floral pattern

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