chic in sweatpants

chic in sweatpants

This year no sequenced dress or skirt, no these holidays I’m chic in my sweatpants

Some trends I just embrace immediately, just like this one, the sweatpants. If you style it the right way it looks like you’re wearing actual pants. I love it, because it’s like wearing pyjamas and still looking like a boss lady.


You these type of trousers a lot, in different shapes. Mostly they’ve got a stripe along the outseam, in this case a silver glitter tape. The heavy sweat fabric wears lovely and I’d say, go for it! I haven’t tried it before since the sneakers were already something I had to get used of so this is a 2.0 in casual wear for me. Now I wish I had tried it sooner. In my style I combined it with items so if became a chic look, lady like.



The blazer is from MS mode which I got in sale. It has stretch in it, even in the lining so this is very comfortable wear as well. The jacket has the perfect length to wear on trousers but also applicable for a dress or skirt. I’ve pulled up the sleeves so you can see the mesh sleeves of my top, but you could also turn up the sleeves for a more casual effect. The top with the huge N-neck is slightly too sexy now that I see the photos. I think I would wear it with a lace top underneath. The transparent tops are hot, I love mesh.


The top is from the straight size collection of H&M and is a size XL in black. The blazer is black as well and fits rather small, this is a size 48. I like to buy blazers on size, not too big because I just don’t like the oversized look on me. The sweatpants is a size 48 and is also available in dark grey melange, click the link below to check all details. The sweats are available up to size EU 58.

blazer MS Mode
top H&M shop here
sweatpants c/o Bonprix shop here
boots Zara

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  • Marsha 14 November 2016 13:35

    Ik vind het een hele nette outfit! Ondanks de sweatpants haha. En je top vind ik ook erg gaaf, alleen durf ik dat soort dingen nooit te dragen haha.

    • theBiggerBlog – Josine 15 November 2016 00:54

      Hi Marsha, nou ik loop zo ook niet even de Appie in hoor 😉 Maar voor een feestje vind ik het wel gaaf zo’n top. Juist door dat mesh draag ik het wel. Thanx babe, liefs Josine

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