stylish in the snow, a plussize proof skisuit

stylish in the snow, a plussize proof skisuit

Are my eyes fooling me? A skisuit in the curve collection? It was love at first sight. I had to have it but would I dare to wear this?

It might surprise you that as a body confident curvy girl I still have my insecure moments. It still happens to me sometimes that I doubt about my outfit because: do I dare to wear? To be honest, it’s not my own opinion but that of society that makes me think twice. Which is a serious problem, but since I’m aware of it I can also change it for the better. I am proud of my body and what it does for me though certain weak spots in my insecurity sometimes get the best of me. My tummy area is something I like to cover up, which is perfectly fine but prevents me from wearing tight dresses, or in this case, a fitted plus size skisuit.

“shop your shape, not your size”

My passion for fashion has always been stronger than my insecurity. This is why I always try everything, not looking at the size label, but looking at the fit. Shop your shape, not your size is one of my quotes! My mom raised me when I was a young fat Josine, that the size in my garment doesn’t define me. It doesn’t matter what it says, the real importance is how it looks and how it makes me feel. I applied the same to this skisuit, it was love at first sight and I had to try it. I ordered the only size available, size 20. I’m between size 18 at top and size 22 at the hips.

With the trusted thought of I probably don’t fit in it anyway I waited for the parcel to arrive. Very enthusiastic I opened it and tried it on. I was so happy when I noticed it fits me perfectly and actually wears very comfortable. Since I will be skiing in it as well that’s an important part of this outfit! But then it occurred to me, do I dare to wear this outfit? Wintersport is a world of slim sportive people! Just like anything in life I decided to choose for me. I love it, it’s comfy and I can move in it. It’s a keeper!

skipak josine willeski overallasos curve

The funny thing is, now that I have a baby that belly doesn’t bother me that much. It was the home of our child! Ironically, nothing has changed much. It was already a bit chubby, a B-belly, striae and losse skin. So it might be a bit chubbier now, but that will be the nine months of pregnancy recovery I assume. The funny thing is that I am okay now with that same belly.

outfit details

The suit is made from one piece, so it’s a ski overalls to be exact. One like we would wear back in the 1990’s, never thought I’d wear it again! The material is a scuba type, a very heavy, water resistant stretch material. It has a brushed effect on the inside, making it warm and cozy to wear but has lots of stretch so it might look tight but it doesn’t feel like it at all. Also it has special zippers which are water resistant as well and has lots of little pockets for the ski pass and phone and such. Oh and the hood is perfect, finally a perfect fit! It’s a size 20 which is a  European size 48 and fits me perfectly. And the one piece is also something that positively surprised me; as the coat always ‘runs up’ wearing it with slippery ski pants.

ski overall asos curve
sunglasses boutique shop Tenerife
shoes via zalando

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