style mix with a dash of Moschino [outfit]

style mix with a dash of Moschino [outfit]

Mixing styles is what I love about fashion. In this look I’m doing everything, a little retro meets Moschino meets preppy. My kind of outfit.

This is a look that was spontaneously created (which I love the most when that happens). A top that I bought before, a new skirt I was doubting about and a blazer I received before but didn’t expect to be ‘me’. Like solving a puzzle, a similar kick, is how I feel when an outfit is created like this. When I really love a certain style, it’s something I grab to whenever I donut know that to wear. The next day I had a collection presentation from Marina Rinaldi and I decided this was perfect for that. I seldom wear an outfit two times in a row, so you can figure how good I felt wearing this! It’s been a long time that I felt like this. The funny thing is, the look I remember when I felt the same is actually very similar. We would say that this is a typical Josine-outfit.

fun to read: the outfit that made me a happier person

When I received the blazer I remember thinking ‘this is a very dressed-up jacket for me’ but to be honest, I’ve worn it so many times already. Especially because of the perfect fit; the sleeves are nice and fitted which doesn’t happen very often as I have big upper arms. The snit of the blazer is Italian, as you can tell by the nice shape at the waistline. Also, check the little puff at the top of the shoulder, makes it complete for me! What I didn’t expect, it’s a lot more versatile then I expected and I’ve worn it a lot more often. Soon more about that on thebiggerblog.

I don’t speak Italian but I do speak Moschino

The roll neck top I bought a couple of weeks ago when it was too warm to wear it. However this is such a style I consider almost a basic for winter weather. I love to wear it with a skirt like this, or with a midi pleated skirt, a pair of jeans or even combined with a dress. The print of the top has a white base with black and cognac, with the retro design it’s perfect with the gold details. Also I remember why I bought the skirt because I was missing a little black skirt, something to go with everything. I love wearing it with the overknee boots, so I consider this a perfect base for any look. Now it might look dressed up, but when I would style it with an oversized pullover it’s a more casual look.

what am I wearing?

The top is made from a modal jersey and wears very nice as the fabric is super soft and stretchty. It’s a size XL from H&M regular collection – I normally wear a UK size 18-20 at top. You can find this in different dessins and I have to admit, I have one more in black and white. The skater skirt is my favorite of all skirt styles, I just love how it looks on me if I’m honest. Unfortunately the material is a little less lighter then I’d preferred so I bought it one size up so it doesn’t show, this is a size 50 (UK22). At the back there’s a zipper, which looks cute when wearing a top tucked in. The blazer is an item that has positively surprised me as I’ve worn it a few times already, also styled down casual with a pair of jeans. The tights, I don’t want to wear any other one ever! I’ve made a vlog about it where I try it on for the first time (Dutch) but I also wrote a blog for those who prefer reading. Boots are made for walking, these are perfect but just a little too wide so I wear it with socks. I bought these 2 years ago but it’s something that’s being sold each year, check out asos.

blazer c/o Kitana
top & skirt H&M
tights snag tights
boots new look
belt Primark

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