Never underestimate the power of stripes

Oh yes, that’s true. Stripes are always applicable for every look. At least, this is what I told myself when I went shopping and promised myself to only shop sale and bargains. I ended up shopping the new collection as well. Just a little bit though. After all, there is no such thing as too many stripes! Got to tell myself something, don’t I?


Okay, an investment might be slightly overrated but this is a dress is one you could wear in many different ways. Since the weather is lovely in Holland I get to wear some of my summer outfits a little longer. It might be September but I’m no longer looking at the calendar, only at the thermometer. I see myself wearing this later on with a black biker jacket. A pair of dense tights and chelsea boots when it gets colder.

Lipstick & stripes never go out of fashion

The dress is black and the stripes are beige. When I bought it it said taupe, but it’s not that dark. I have added a belt to accentuate the waistline. It’s exactly on the cut seam between the top and skirt. It almost looks like a two piece now. Such a dress is perfect for all seasons. This shape is very suitable for every body type. Would you wear this?


This dress was a bargain even though it wasn’t on sale. I am wearing a size 1X and this golden oldie scarf I already have for ages and once shopped it at a thrift shop. And the handbag I got on sale a while ago, love the frills. The shoes I bought from Lesley who was also selling her stuff at the Shop My Closet back in July. How I love the tassels and gold accents. You know me, I love to match!


dress Forever 21 Plus
belt Primark
handbag Invito
scarf thrift shop
shoes Shop My Closet
pin Ali Express

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  • Vanessa // be real. be plus. 8 September 2016 20:27

    Really like the outfit. Would wear it just the way it is – although I’m not a scarf girl. 😉 But I am a fan of adding belts so an outfit to make it more chic, girly, accentuated or whatever…

    • theBiggerBlog – Josine 9 September 2016 12:15

      Ha, most girls aren’t scarf girls I hear! But I really like them.. even though people adres me like I’m a flight attendant! Lol xx Josie

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