Sportive in shorts

Sportive in shorts

What’s your favourite style? Looking sportive in shorts, sneakers & sport top

This is the second outfit of the range in plus size faux leather shorts. In the first outfit I showed you a classic look, in this outfit I will show you a sportive look. The same faux leather short but with a different look. Sneakers, sweater and shorts it is.

sportief in shorts sportief in shorts

Who doesn’t love this trend? You can wear sweaters and be fashionable at the same time. This sweater is light and soft, the print is very casual. The little holes in the knit make the sweater look similar to a sports shirt, but the soft cotton wears comfortable. The off the shoulder seam gives the sweater an extra sports feeling to it. I am wearing a coral pink basic top underneath the sweater. This gives a little color to the outfit. Secondly it’s better then wearing black or white underneath it, as this is more visible.

sportief in shorts sportief in shortssportief in shorts

The current casual trend embraces sports. Trend items like baseball shirts, sneakers and wide fits are now in fashion. Great excuse to wear sneakers with you sportive outfit! I am wearing Vans wedges, a combination of sneaker and little heels. A nice touch to a standard sneaker. The tights with a pattern in it make it look more dressed and not so much black & white.



sweater, shorts & tights c/o MS mode
sneakers Vans

which look is your favourite?

shorts & cardigan

faux leather shorts [outfit]

shorts & pleats

shorts and pleats [outfit, 3 out of 3]

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