soft tones & warm knits

soft tones & warm knits

Fall is my favourite fashion season! One of this years’ trends is combining warm cozy knits and soft tones

this article was made in collaboration with bonprix

When the leafs start to fall, the temperature drops and the view outside turns grey, the best fashion season is here! Fall is absolutely my favorite season when it comes to fashion. To me it’s the most important fashion season which matches my personal style. Whenever I have to explain my own style I always use the word boring in a non-negative way. Lots of details, prints and flashy colors aren’t my thing because I can really appreciate solid Colors, subtle prints mixes and nice textured fabrics. The good part about the trends of this season is that boring is hip! Solid colors combined, ton-sur-ton or also called tonal. Perfect to match mt style, I wear this a lot and mix with materials or structures to prevent it from becoming dull. In this set I’ve combined the melange knit with a solid knit, in light brown and I’ve paired it with smooth leather boots while the fannypack is strutted leather. Added with the metal chains, and there you go, diversity and boredom in one.

dare to wear, dare to change

Something I never thought I’d wear it because I assumed it didn’t look good on me are light and soft tones. Making my face pale is something I don’t really care about, not slimming down is something we are talked in ages ago. But ladies, we know better now right? Hello 1990 is calling back the fashion police statements. Let’s wear whatever we like to wear! So how did I got to this point? Whenever I saw other women wearing the light Colors in fall and winter I loved it and so I just decided to give it a try. Now I wear it so often, so I’ve grown in my fashion sense! The same applies to other items, a knitted skirt makes my ass looks fat. Just like wide trousers and culottes. Oh well, I ám fat, so it can’t really make me fat right? Nope, so let’s just wear it anyway. Hiding is garments is something I don’t do anymore because you can’t make a size 20 magically disappear. And that’s okay because my size does not define me and I am okay to be here just the way I am. Of course I’ve got days that I’m not this fierce but on the days I can take on the world, I love to wear such looks. Discovering new outfits, new combinations and like this, even new colorways. Happy New Outfit!

what am I wearing?

The whole outfit from top till knee is from bonprix, the German online webshop. They sell such a large variety of items, starting at size UK 6 and going to size UK 26, different shapes, styles. I’ve combined the skirt and pullover as a set, a co-ord but you can buy them seperately which is perfect as my top size is normally smaller compared to my bottom size. However I love chunky pullover so I’ve ordered both of them in the same size, EU 48/50 which is a size UK 20/22. The skirt has an elasticated waistband which fits very comfortable and it even wide enough, I’d say the sizing is on size. The baret is really my thing, it was love at first sight and I love how it pairs with this look. These boots, another thing that was true love, I’ve had these for over 10 years and I can’t get over it to toss them. Where can I find taupe boots in real leather fitting my calves? The belt and fannypack I’m wearing almost daily, love how the finish my looks.

shop the soft tones & knits at bonprix


What I love about this co-ord, because that’s how I see this outfit, is that it’s also easy to combine in other looks. The oversized pullover is perfect with a satin pleated skirt. At the front slightly in the waistband and combining casual with chic. Or on a flared jeans or checkered trousers. The skirt is also fun to style with different items, like with a top or blouse and a long cardigan. Underneath a light color knit skirt it’s easy to wear dark color tights, even black is workable. I love to wear 20 denier tights with such light colors.

baret c/o bonprix
sweater & skirt c/o bonprix
boots tango (old)
belt rebels
fannypack kruidvat

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