red lips & curvy hips

red lips & curvy hips

Curvy hips & red lips. That one little detail can make a difference. Sometimes it’s not just the item, but the whole look

Sometimes it just takes that one little detail to make it complete. It’s not just the outfit, it’s the complete look. After being sick all week I couldn’t wait to get dressed up and go outside. On the first day of Fall I went out and the sun came out, so lovely.

red lips & curvy hips red lips & curvy hips red lips & curvy hips

To be honest, I’m not a lipstick kinda girl. In fact I like to cover everything in full, except my lips, lol. But when it suits the look, I can’t resist and go for red lips. It all started with these earrings which I just had to wear. Then I added this cute little red purse and before you know it, my lips were red as well. The classic color combination with all black and white, don’t you agree?

“red lips & curvy hips”

This is a typical look for me, you can run into me wearing this when going for groceries. I just love simplicity and comfort, sorry fashion junkies but that’s the way I am. This look has got it all, the long blouse wears like a dress. It’s wide and straight and I am everything except that. So to all those who always tell me ‘you look good in anything’ it’s not true. So there comes the belt,  which was sitting in my closet for a while already.

red lips & curvy hipsred lips & curvy hips red lips & curvy hips

Does this happen to you too? You decide not to go shopping and you can’t get that one piece out of your head? Well this happened to me with this dress. It’s completely different to what I normally wear but perhaps that’s what I liked so much about it. When I got the news letter “all things 50% of” I just hit the shop button. I doubted about the size so I ordered one up. This is a size UK22 which is a EU50 but has a narrow fit.


dress Boohoo Plus
belt & earrings H&M
socks & purse Primark
sneakers Nike AF1

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