print mix in the colors of fall [outfit]

print mix in the colors of fall [outfit]

Fall is the transition season, as it slowly gets colder after summer. The perfect time to layer up as the weather can vary

On the raaien days -and we have a lot of those in the Netgerlands- it can be ice cold but once the sun is shining it’s lovely. When that happens all of a sudden it’s nice to be able to take something off and still look good. More often I’m wearing a blouse-dress; a long blouse which can be worn as a dress, added a belt. The length is long enough and I wear it with tights. Before I thought this didn’t suit me as my upper side is one size smaller compared to my hips but now I’ve tried it, I love it. I even started to appreciate the oversized toppart. Because of the midi length I don’t like to pair it with a cardigan but since such a dress can be too cold, I styled it with a pullover. It wears so comfortable and makes a totally different look as the dress now looks like a flowy skirt.

The dress was made of satin and has a sheer shimmer. Combined with this print and the colors it’s perfect for fall. I am waaring a bold print mix, which I often do. It makes every outfit just a little bit more exiting. Comfort is still my most important reason to wear something, or not. This look has both and a little bit more. The print mix are both an animal print which can be too much but I find this combination bold but awesome. The colors go along just perfect if you ask me, and the old pink teddy coat makes it even bolder. This color is what I only wear since a few year, just like dark yellow which has been a trend color for a few years now. Perfect colors for fall.

what am I wearing?

The teddy coat wears so comfortable! It’s soft and light but also very warm. Here I’m wearing a size bigger, EU 50/52 as I wanted it to be a bit more oversized. Plus my hips should fit in them as well. I’ve had such a coat before and I was doubting back then if it wasn’t making me look bigger. But who cares if it does? I love to wear it, love the style and it makes me feel good. So yes, I wear it anyway. The color of this coat is awesome and matching with everything.

The blouse dress is made of a flowy satin fabric and I’m wearing the size EU 50/52 as well to ensure it fits properly around the hips. A dress like this should not be too tight as I don’t like it if the buttons pull out. It has a shell fabric belt but I prefer to wear it with a faux leather belt, like this one with golden eyelets. It makes the whole a lot more casual, which I love. Normally I’d wear a cardigan with such an outfit but I love to vary. Also because of the midi length I wasn’t sure what length cardigan would suit this. Then I spotted this pullover and it was a perfect match! When wearing the pullover over the dress it changes the look completely. The dress now looks like a button through skirt and the pullover looks styled because of the loose belt at the waist. The fluffy pullover wears soft and doesn’t itch (a prio for me!).

Underneath the dress I am wearing tights which I reviewed before, the snagtights which I wear, wash and hang to dry over night to wear them again the next day. The boots were a spontaneous buy; I needed simple black ankle boots to pair with anything and a low heel to walk around all day. Even though I was doubting before, now I’m wearing them daily!

hat vintage
pullover c/o ulla popken
dress c/o studio untold
coat c/o studio untold
tights snagtights
boots van haren
tas kruidvat

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