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Finding the perfect bathrobe can be a challenge!

I’ve given up finding a bathrobe a long time ago. In the past I loved wearing a robe on Sunday morning, having breakfast and having an easy start of the day. Nowadays I just put on a pair of leggings and a cardigan, or some other big shirt I have. What was the reason to stop wearing these if they made my Sundays so warm?

de perfecte ochtendjas de perfecte ochtendjas

It’s been over 15 years ago when I last bought a bathrobe, which was from the men’s department. The robe was dark grey, made of very thick material. At the top part I was drowning in the amount of fabric and at the hips it didn’t even close properly. Story of my life! So I decided to just go for the alternative. With a huge amount of plus size webshops nowadays, things are different. Besides finding almost everything you need, there are even options as well!

[otw_shortcode_quote border=”bordered” border_style=”bordered”]You say “bathrobe”. I say “casual wrap dress”. Let’s not get caught up in details[/otw_shortcode_quote]

Obviously I wanted a robe with rainbows and unicorns on them, but these type of bathrobes are often made of synthetic materials. Sinds I wanted to wear them after swimming or showering I preferred a cotton one. This robe wears so comfortable and it fits me perfectly, I didn’t even got it a size bigger like I normally have to do. I took this one along with me on two recent trips and it was just perfect. Hotel robes never fit me properly and now I had something to walk around in going from and to the hotel pool, all fancy.

de perfecte ochtendjas de perfecte ochtendjas

This white robe is made of a light jersey material and has a little structure in the fabric. It wears light and is 100% cotton which is exactly what I needed. Even though it’s light, it doesn’t shows anything. I wore it after swimming and it wasn’t see through luckily. This is a size 20 which I’m wearing which fits like a EU 48 and is on the wide side. The pyjama’s are also from Yours Clothing and are perfect for those cold nights in January!




bathrobe & pyjamas c/o Yours Clothing [shop here]

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  1. Victoria Melo

    The robe looks so expensive and elegant, love how it looks on you. Seeing it’s 100% cotton makes me want to buy it as well. Having those oversized and unflattering hotel robes can ruin your femininity and comfort level for sure, I can relate! Glad that you have found yours ”the one” 😀


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