this girl & pearls

this girl & pearls

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but I prefer pearls 

The collections of this season have stolen my heart! Everything I love is implemented in the current fashion styles. This girls loves her pearls and this is one of those trends. I’ve always loved pearls but sometimes it can look a little bit dull and dusty. So it’s all about the combinations. By adding some casual items or materials you take away the old fashioned look and making it preppy in style.


Last year I saw pearls everywhere, on clothing, accessories and jewellery. It was on items during the preview of collections but somehow it all got lost and no pearls. I guess I had to be a little patient because now they’re everywhere, finally! Amongst them, this cute biker jacket with pearls. It didn’t took me long to decided I wanted this jacket, it was everything I needed. Casual and preppy all in one, just like me!

“pearls are always appropriate” – Jacky Kennedy

What’s a bit of both are these trousers. The clean fabric and the cigarette shaped legs make it sophisticated, but the waist and side stripe make it casual. I’ve combined it with this yellow lace top, with finishing of black and white rib. It matches perfectly with my golden boots, which I haven’t regretted buying for even one second. Something I really have to get used to are the shape of these pants. They say the skinny fit is not coming back this season and we’ll all be wearing these or even wider fits. I love fashion but sometimes even I have to wait and let it sink for a minute.

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pearlspearlspearls pearls

Here I’m wearing a size Eu 46 of the jacket because I like the fitted shape. The heavy jersey at the backside of the sleeves make the jacket really comfortable. Here I’m wearing it with a top but I’ve also combined it with a sweater, a skirt or a dress. The trousers are a clean cut and had them taken in as I liked the length to be a bit shorter, it’s a EU size 48 by the way, The stripes make it a little more sportive, yet the firm fabric keeps it a clean cut. The waist doesn’t have an opening so it’s a pull on pants, very new to me.


biker jacket c/o MS Mode
top c/o Elvi (vorig jaar)
trousers c/o MS mode
boots H&M
earrings H&M
purse Primark

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  • Carlijn 13 October 2017 14:41

    Vandaag na het lezen van je blog naar de ms gegaan voor die geweldige broek. Maar helaas heb te dikke kuiten, was best teleurgesteld.

  • evelien 13 October 2017 08:47

    Wat een geweldige broek! Ik moet snel eens kijken bij MS mode, je laat zoveel leuke items zien!

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