outfits of February 2017

outfits of February 2017

What was your favourite outfits of February 2017?

It’s fun to look back on each month to see what I posted and which I liked best. This post is all about the outfits of February 2017 and I’m curious to know which you liked best? I always make too many photos and not all of them are published so I decided to make this recap with new photos, this way you get to see new points of view. Click on the header if you want to see the full outfit post or read about details. All links, brand information and sizing are mentioned at the bottom of the post, below the last photo.

looking back

From time to time I look back on my own blog when I have little inspiration. This doesn’t happen often, but I do love to check out the options of what I’ve got. Sometimes I forget about a certain item, or I just don’t remember it well. Perhaps that is because I love sorting stuff, the same with my wardrobe, it’s all collected. The black tops are all together, the coloured tops in the next drawer, all blouses hang together just like all the blazers. Yes, that’s right I’m crazy when it comes to sorting my stuff, on type, on color and even on season!


So I starten this recap this year because I know you might not be able to check on all blogs. This way you can check the recap and see which one you would love to see more of and which not. Do leave me a message and tell me which you liked most, I’m wondering which you’ll pick.

hello spring

It almost felt like spring was here a few days in February. The weather was so good, chill but the sun was shining bright and I felt like loosing all those layers and getting ready for spring. Though we did get our porting of rain and storm that month, even snow. Still I managed to start wearing those pastel tones, this light pink or nude color is my current favourite. I love the print of this dress and the way it combines with the tonal blazer is amazing, don’t you think? The long blazer is also an item I love to wear with a pair of jeans and a top.

outfits Februari 2017


This dress actually reminded me of a dress I posted earlier, which you can see here and was all about more color. Did it give you the same vibe, let me know?Though these are two totally different dresses when it comes to shape, only the fabric and the print are similar. Well, this one is more of a long blouse with its buttons and has a shell fabric belt around the waist to make it more like a dress.

outfits Februari 2017

flower bomber

I love to shop dresses with a short sleeve or none at all, even in winter. It wears so nice and I always find a way to keep me warm, like a jacket or a cardigan. When I saw this bomber jacket I fell in love, it’s so cute and I just love the print. I’ve combined this jacket also with a pair of joggers and worn it with jeans. The length of the sleeves of this dress is really perfect, which you can check in the original post by clicking the header above here. Total length of the dress is a bit long in my opinion, what do you think? outfits Februari 2017

the golden shoes

I’ve worn these boots for so many times already and I didn’t expected that. I ordered them online on sale and when I first saw them I thought wow these are gold! In the end they seem to go with just about anything color-wise and style wise, luckily. Mostly I wear them with jeans and some simple items, mostly whites and golden accessories. I still don’t like to mix silver and gold, call me old fashioned.

outfits Februari 2017

So this is it, the month of February was short and I didn’t post each week because I was on holiday. In March I’m planning to post two outfits each week again, hope you like it! So tell me, do you already follow me on Facebook, here you’ll always see my posts first thing!

which outfit or item is your favourite?

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