The summer started in a new bikini. Elomi is a plus size lingerie and swimwear brand. Known for their perfect fit! This off shoulder bikini and high waist broekje was just what I needed!

I never talk about gaining or losing weight, it’s something I’ve stopped worrying about a long time ago. In the first trimester of my pregnancy I was so sick so I lost a lot of weight. After I delivered baby Charlotte I gained again, a lot because of stress. So in weight I am about the same after, as I was before. However my body did change, a soft and bigger belly, more sagging skin and slightly different proportions. But how can I hate the body which was the first home to our daughter? 

With that in mind I’ve become a lot more positive about my body then I’ve ever been before. It took some time to realise as those hormones are a b*tch and I started doubting myself and my health. I know now how to handle those insecurities and know that health can’t be measured by a weighing scale. Especially since I got my hernia diagnosed. Besides the belly I also have a pair of huge legs and thighs but since I couldn’t move for a few days, now I appreciate them even more. Please keep taking me places, for a long long time!

plus size bikini high waist bottoms
plus size bikini elomi
elomi zwembad grote maten bikini

Ok, back to this gorgeous bikini! The shoulders are like little sleeves which makes it an off shoulder. It has straps so if you need that extra support it’s there, but I always like to keep the shoulders free. Normally I always wear shaped cups bras and bikinis but the fit of these are so good that I don’t ‘need’ it. These bottoms are high waisted which I love. I chose a size 22 (UK) so it really fits well without pressing into my skin. Normally I wear a size 20 but size the c-section I really want a lose fit.

In general the bottoms with elomi start at size 16 and go up to size 26. The fabrics are firm yet comfortably soft. They’re an expert in large(r) cup sizes, both in swim wear as well as in lingerie. The good part about that is that they sell the swim tops in all the cup and circumference sizes. So when you have a different top and bottom ratio, like I have, it’s perfect shopping. Last year I also got a bikini set and I’ve worn it this summer again. It’s so beautiful and most of all, it fits like a glove.

bikini top c/o Elomi
bottoms c/o Elomi
earrings ms mode

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